Grace Slick goes down to the
Crosroads by Grace Slick

  Crossroads by Grace Slick
20"x 30" Giclee on Canvas, Edition of 300
Opening Price $1,350

"Going for the light, even when there are warning signs. We usually don’t heed them, but we do go on looking for 'IT'.

Love? Knowledge? Power? Money? Enlightenment

Most settle, eventually, into a group of ambivalence... sic".
- Grace Slick


  It's been forty two years since Grace Slick embraced and recruited Alice, The White Rabbit and the rest of Wonderland, to help comment on a very confusing time.

Speaking to a clash of generations, a controversial war half the world away and a social climate that was changing very quickly, Grace found herself standing smack-center in this divide. Slightly older than the hippies and coming from a button-down upbringing, she felt the pull deeply from the cultural divide.

Grace Slick - "The '50s in this country were real straight, very rigid. We decided to live the way we wanted to live in the '60s. But that's a big jump. It's very much like Alice being from very straight Victorian times, going down the rabbit hole into Wonderland."

Seeing the similarity of her own time and the time's of Lewis Carroll's "Alice In Wonderland" she found the perfect companions to speak her music / art through. Much like her, Alice sought to look behind the mirror once coaxed by the White Rabbit to search for the truth.

Grace Slick -"I feel that the white rabbit represents Alice's curiosity. She's a bright little girl and she follows her curiosity. And your curiosity, as was the White Rabbit's, is always just a little bit ahead of you. You look at where your mind wants to go, and most people go, 'Oh, no, I couldn't possibly do that.' Well, yeah, you can."

Now we find ourselves two generations later still with a world filled with its own difficult questions, challenges and decisions in front us. Once again, and still, at a Crossroads of our own time.

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