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Jimi Hendirx Solid Color by Grace Slick   Jimi Hendirx by Grace Slick   White Rabbit by Grace Slick
Solid Color
"A man of many colors, literally and figuratively – Hendrix is interracial and international, if not cosmic." -Grace Slick
Kiss the Sky
"Still with us by sound but absent in body, Jimi is only partially with us.
We will, however, take anything we can get from the Genius" - Grace Slick
White Rabbit
"The white rabbit represents curiosity – always in a hurry and just out of reach. He is a moving mystery. His backwards watch annoys him into constant running. The race for knowledge and experience leads Alice to recognition of the absurd. The rabbit/curiosity leads – we follow"-Grace Slick
25" x 20 Giclee on Canvas
26" x 20 Giclee on Canvas
11"x14" Giclee on Paper
25"x20 Giclee on Canvas
Hendrix & Rabbit
Don Blanco
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