Jimi Hendrix Still Filling Our World With Music & Art A New Album And New Painting Unveiled

Valley of Neptune by Jimi Hendrix
Valleys of Neptune a new song, a new album and a new work of art from Jimi Hendrix

  It's been forty years since the loss of Jimi Hendrix, and decades later his impact on the world is still deeply felt. To this day rock stations keep his music in heavy rotation, and the public when surveyed, ranks him as rock's top guitarist of all time. Within the world of music he is revered as not only one of the greats, but more importantly, a key visionary who redefined Rock and Roll.

As amazing as it is to say, this month Jimi Hendrix has once again returned to transport us to new places through his artistry. A dozen never before released recordings have been remastered to make his latest album Valleys Of Neptune. Named for the lead track, as well as his own painting on the cover, this set of recordings represent what many critics call his greatest creative period. Following his most noted album, Electric Ladyland, Hendrix took to the studio with his new bassist to start work on a follow-up album and produced works that reflected the next wave of his creative evolution.

Jimi lived a unique (even though short) life, fully immersed in his creative vision. His game changing music came at us one song after another. And along the way the same creative visions were expressed in the form of visual art as well. Often psychedelic landscapes that pull the viewer along with the same hypnotic power as his music. Dripping water color scenes flowing intuitively like a dream filled with color. His art resonates with the same voice of his own poetic lyrics. Much like how his words are seamlessly woven into the tapestry of his music, so too does the lines of his brush.

Seeing the cover of this important new album, it's almost hard to believe that in the past, the thought to have his art on the records jackets was over looked. But fortunately this time that was not missed. With the clear vision of his sister Janie Hendrix, this latest album is now complete with his own painting by the same title as the cover art. To get a clear view of how connected his paintings were to the same vision of his own musical universe, all one has to do is watch the recent music video for Valleys of Neptune. The video has used this great painting as a focal point, and much like the music, it lifts and transports the viewer.

We are thrilled to be a part of this important release of Hendrix's new album, by being able to offer the accompanying as a fantastic limited edition from his estate.

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Valleys of Neptuen
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