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FM Jenkins

By Justin Bua

Hand Enhanced
13" x 44" Giclee on Canvas

Edition 99
Roman Edition 75
AP 25
PP 25
HC 10

Exhibition Edition 25
AP 9

BUA's art achieves its universal appeal in the way of most great artists, through impecible craftsmanship and an understanding of the disciple of drawing and painting that very few posses. What is especially remarkable is that he achieves such broad appeal without any loss of cultural power and authenticity. For those of us raised on hip-hop he has no peer. When we see BUA's art we see his love for us.”

- Aaron McGruder, creator, "The Boondocks"

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Fm Jenkins by Justin BUA
Bass Player
El Guitarrista
FM Jenkins
Harlem Rose
King Of Pop
Piano Man II
Trumpet Man
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