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Harlem Rose

By Justin Bua

Hand Enhanced
40" x 30" Giclee on Canvas

Edition 99
Roman Edition 75
AP 25
PP 25
HC 10

Exhibition Edition 25
AP 9

"BUA's work moves me on a level that no other art has before. His hard work and dedication have taught me a lot about the discipline it takes to be a great artist. He inspires me to explore the unchallenged obstacles in scratching. BUA's art is a lesson to all: whatever art you choose to practice, learn both the technical and creative sides- don't try to skip the basics or like BUA says, 'Don't avoid drawing the hands and feet!'" -DJ Q-Bert, Thud Rumble and Invisible Scratch Pickles

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Harlem Rose Billie Holiday by artist Justin BUA
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El Guitarrista
FM Jenkins
Harlem Rose
King Of Pop
Piano Man II
Trumpet Man
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