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NY Show, March 25 2010
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It's hard to believe, that its only been a matter of months since BUA joined the Limelight Agency family. And to say it's been a fast and exciting time, would be an understatement.

So far we've seen two amazing and over the top art openings. In both cases these were hosted by galleries, that despite only having the work for a couple months dove headlong into the world of BUA. And their instinctive choice to do so was rewarded with rsvp lists that went on for pages, filled with hundreds of names. The emails flooded in and the phones never seemed to stop ringing. In one case the requests to attend caused the need to add a second opening on the same weekend. And of course, this was followed by packed galleries and lines out the door.

This Rock Star reception for BUA may come as a surprise to some in the gallery world, but not for the droves of his fans. After selling literally millions of posters, books, computer-skins, T-shirts, limited edition shoes, video games and on, and on, BUA and his art have become an icon to fans of urban culture and the collectors of his art.

If you'd like to see one of these amazing events up close, you are in luck. Planned to coincide with one of the biggest art industry gatherings in the world (Art Expo NY) March 25, 2010, Pop International Galleries will be hosting a very special show.

The show (now known by his fans as N.Y.See), represents a true home-coming. BUA grew up in New York's upper west side in the 1970's and 80's, during the same time the streets of his childhood neighborhood gave birth to the music, dance and art that fills BUA's iconic paintings. But dispite his deep ties to the city, the show at Pop will be his first ever in his home town New York.

Art shows, were just not all that filled this amazing year, BUA over this time put out a number of impressive limited edition prints with Limelight; a captivating work of Michael Jackson to mark the great loss, a signed edition of his friend Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and even a signed print that sold out in three days of one of his newest fans, Muhammad Ali.

Beyond the canvas and the gallery scene, BUA found time to start production as the new host of Ovation TV's top lineup show American Revolutionaries. Each week BUA introduces his viewers to another American visionary.

During this time, BUA has also been hard at work producing his second book with Harper Collins, as a follow up of his greatly successful book The Beat Of Urban Art. The new book will be a collection of portraits painted of the pioneers of hip-hop. And for those who attend BUA's show in New York they will get to see a preview of two of these new works, so fresh off the easel the paint will still be wet.

With months like this, I dare not guess what the next will bring. But we can promise, being that it's Bua, two things... It is sure to be amazing, and we will be there ready for the wild ride.

"N Y See" you at Expo and the BUA art show!
Danny (Name at the door +1) Stern
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