BUA's Harlem Rose
Harlem Roe by Justin BUA
A fresh gardenia in her hair just so, a string of elegant pearls swinging with the music, a poised lady driven from within, ready to belt out a soulful note into a microphone swaying and dancing with her like an attentive lover... BUA, through one songstress of his own vision, paid deserved homage to these ladies who's inspiring voices will never fade away.

Justin BUA video on Harlem Rose


Through the tip of his brush, BUA has told the stories of a world of color, dance and music. And through his muses (Bass Player, Guitarrista, Piano Man, The DJ), he's described a place that was the true genesis of the biggest artistic styles in recent times.

But with this latest work, BUA is telling us a different story of a much earlier time. Long before the first MC picked up the mic, before the first rappers shot out their first rhymes, their was movement not too far down the road from the corners BUA grew up on, that paved a path and changed everything that came before it, The Harlem Renaissance.

Between the 20's and the late 30's an explosion of art came from a people who's views of the world had been firmly bottled up for literally centuries, and was now heard far and wide for the very first time. LIterature, painting, dance and music of varieties never seen or heard before, came flooding out for the first time from African American's.

In the midst of what some call the most profound change in American art and culture, there rose up a handful of voices that delivered the spirit of the time directly to the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to listen.

From the stages such as The Harlem Renaissance Ballroom and the Savoy Ballroom, singers with voices that had the power to move ones soul became the focal point of their time. Sarah Vaughn, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Dinah Washington (just to name a few), added feelings, rhythms, and tones that would influence music forever. The same influence that would carry us down the road to Aretha Franklin, to Diana Ross, to Lauryn Hill & Rihanna.

Danny "The Voice" Stern
Limelight Agency

30" x 40" Giclee On Canvas
Edition 99 + 75 Roman + 25AP +25PP



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