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Justin BUA's Michael Jackson  


BUA has felt a close kinship to Michael over these many years. And as such, Jackson's early passing has had a profound impact on him. As artists will often do, he has embraced the moment, by offering the most appropriate gesture he could as an artist. (more)


BUA In The News, BUA On TV, BUA In The Galleries

The over the top reception for BUA may come as a surprise to some in the gallery world, but not for the droves of his fans. After selling literally millions of posters, books, T-shirts, limited edition shoes and on, and on, BUA and his art have become an icon to fans of urban culture and the collectors of his art. (more)

Justin Bua Harlem Rose  

BUA's Harlem Rose

Long before the first MC picked up the mic, before the first rappers shot out their first rhymes, their was movement not too far down the road from the corners BUA grew up on, that paved a path and changed everything that came before it, The Harlem Renaissance. (more)

Justin Bua Harlem Rose  

Justin BUA Famed Artist of Urban Life Joins the Limelight Family

Artists of this ilk are rare to come by, and an opportunity to work with one is rarer still. This is why there is no rooftop high enough to shout today's announcement that Limelight will be representing the leading artist of urban life Justin BUA. (more)



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