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Justin Bua was in the middle of it all...the birth of hip-hop in NY. The bonafide bboy's experiences as a youth during the 80s uprise of hip-hop coupled with his classical education in drawing built the foundation of his urban steez.

El Guitarrista painted by artist Justin BUA   Jointz: For those who don't know who you are, please introduce yourself.
: My name is Justin Bua. I'm originally from NY City. But I've been on the West Coast for about 3 years. I'm a native New Yorker from uptown money-makin' Manhattan. I'm a New Yorker, born and raised.

Jointz: Did you go to school there?
: Ya', I went to Music & Art High School which is a performing arts school. You know the movie Fame? That was my school.

Jointz: Leroy and Amatulo ever dropped by?
: Never (everybody laughs). I've seen him around 'cuz when they weren't in school I used to go down there and breakdance. We would wanna battle them 'cuz we were like whatever...they can't dance.

Jointz: So, you used to break?
: Oh yeah, I was in dance for 10-12 years professionally. I toured Europe during the whole hip-hop renaissance days...the birth.

Jointz: Do you still teach?
: I teach drawing for animation at USC. Basically, classical figure class, it's just fundamentals. I take it to different levels and talk about art, culture and different artists. I like to expose my kids to a lot of artists.

Jointz: Tell us about your style.
: Art is something that has been consistent in my life. No matter what i departed into, what avenue or area I got involved with - whether it's bboying, poppin or graffiti - I always came back to my art. Drawing and painting to me is just another way of manifesting. There's the classical education that I have with drawing and because of the nature of where I was from during the hop-hop renaissance of the early 80s in New York City...it just came out in my work. So the rhythms and stylizations of boogying and breakin' are part of the composition on my canvas. If you look at my DJ piece I like to flatten graphic geometric shapes. But my handling and approach is very classical. Because I believe that in order to articulate myself as clearly as possible I have the tools to be able to do that. And so good drawing and painting along with fundamental skills gives me those tools. And my style is who I am and where I came from, which are the rhythms f breakin, graffiti and hip-hop influence...it's just in me.
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