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Does Ronnie Wood ever sleep? Along with preparing a Faces tour, a new solo album, and of course, constantly painting in his studio, Ronnie has added one more thing to his list this year, a weekly radio show broadcasted world wide on Sirius. The show is exactly what you would hope to experience if you visited Ronnie at his own home and set him loose on his personal record collection. One by one Ronnie is sharing with us the music that has shaped his own life the most.

And much like with the portraits he paints of musical greats, Ronnie has (of course) an equally amazing personal story to go along with them. As there are not many greats that Ronnie hasn't played with, friends with or in most cases both.

  We have have been able to put something really special together. Through our site you will be able to both listen to his show (a new episode every week), see the art that goes with each song and read a little more of the personal stories that go with both.

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Chuck Berry by Ronniw Wood
Chuck Berry I (limited edtion screenprint)- Available for collecting

2 - Rolling Stones - Paint It Black

"We play this song called Paint it Black. And every time we play this live on stage, Keith, when he starts it, we always have this moment of hesitation where we don't know if he's going to get the intro right or not. It's very funny cause everybody takes a big breath and says 'oh no, hope it's going to work' (hu-hu)." He's always managed to struggle through it, whether it's the right timing or not, he just stumbles into it, and we look at each other, and Charlie goes 'boom, boom, boom' and he brings in the tempo. He's usually cracking up laughing when he does it. Because it's like 'how did we get this number off the ground'

Howlin Wolf by Ronnie Wod
Howlin' Wolf (limited edtion from the Jazz and Blues Suite) - Available for collecting

4 - Faces - Stay With Me

"That's what the Faces were about, five guys who wanted to go up there and have a good time. We would make mistakes onstage and burst out laughing, and the audience was right there laughing with us and loving it."

"For a while, the faces were the second most successful British group in rock, after the Stones. We also built a reputation for trashing hotels. The Faces were pioneers in that particular art."


Jimi Hendrix and me at the scene in NY Ronnie Wood
Jimi And Me At The Scene NY - limited edtion - Available for collecting

8 - Elmore James - Dust My Broom
9 - Jerry Lee Lewis - Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On
10 - The Kinks - You Really Got Me

11 - Bobby Womack - Your Welcome Stop On By

"I'd met Bobby in Detriot on a Faces tour in 1975 when he and David Ruffin, the lead singer from the Temptations, met up and did two Temptations songs with us, 'Losing You' and 'I Wish It Would Rain'. So when I asked Bobby for help with my second album, he was right there and when he asked me to play on his Resurrection album, I was right there too.


1 - Chuck Berry - Johny Be Good

"'Can't get away from you. Can I? That's the first thing he said to me at that (Rock) Hall of Fame dinner in '86. He was right! I think Keith and I are on some sort of collision course with Chuck. But then, I suppose any guitarist so infuenced by him would be, in some way. I first started hearing his music by seeing all the various bands my brothers were in, and they'd always be covering his stuff. Then in my first band The Birds, we covered a lot of Berry by learning from his records. I never knew what he looked like until ten years after I was into him."

Keith Richards the Doctor by Ronnie WoodThe Doctor (limited edtion from the Paint it Black Suite) - Available for collecting

3 - Howlin' Wolf - Smokestack Lightning

"When I was growing up, my brothers influenced me a lot and they used to play songs by jazz artists like Bic Spiderback through Louie Armstrong. And I got into people like Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis and Billie Holiday. And one of the first EP's that I ever saw was one my brother Art brought home had a blue cover, with a wolf howling on it. And it was funny enough Howlin' Wolf. And it was a record called Smoke Stack Lightning, which all the bands at the time used to play, and it was one of the first riffs I learned to play on the old guitar".

Faces We'll Meet Again by Ronnie Wood
We'll Meet Again (a limited edition on canvas) - Available for collecting

5 - Jeff Beck Group - You Shook Me
6 - Muddy Watters - You Shook Me

7 - Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze

"I played with Jimi onstage a few times in New York. We did this outdoor gig on Staten Island, and I also played with him at the Steve Paul's Scene on 46th Street. It was all during my days with the Jeff Beck Group. Jimi used to convince Jeff to give me solos. He'd say, "Hey, let the bass player play."

"In fact, I was with Jimi the night he died at Ronnie Scotts. He was walking down the stairs with his arm around this girl, and I said to him 'Jimi say good-night" and he didn't turn around, and I said again 'Jimi say good-night'. And he turned around slowly and gave me this stoned wave. And that was the last the world saw of him."

Bobby Womack by Ronnie Wood
Bobby Womack - Original work in ink and wash - Available for collecting

12 - AC/DC - Back in Black
13 - Eagels - Life In The Fast Lane
14 - The Who - Substitute

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