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This week Ronnie is exploring some of his favorite all time live musicians and bands. And telling his personal stories that came from crossing their paths on the touring road.

And who better to do so? As when it comes to live rock and roll performing, there is perhaps no greater authority Ronnie Wood. Ronnie cut his teeth with some of the classic live acts. Starting with the Jeff Beck Group and then onto what is known as the all-time party band, The Faces. Hell, they kept a fully stocked bar and bartender on stage.

And of course, let us not forget being a Stone. Whether you love them or not, no one can deny there is no show tighter, more spectacular and certainly not bigger then a live performance from the Stones. They are the quintessential live band.

While playing in three Rock Hall inducted bands, Ronnie has toured (and continues) to every corner of the globe and played on almost every stage,


arena and stadium. And every step of the way during this life long serendipitous journey, this and his extraordinary talent has given him the opportunity to play live with just about every big name of his time. From Bo Diddly to Flea of the Chili Peppers, Ronnie has experienced them all live doing what they do best.

We invite you to sit back and enjoy the music and stories as told by Ronnie and expressed so beautifully at the end of his brush.

Danny (Hot-Wax ) Stern
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Flatbed Truck Collectors Edition

2 - James Brown - Bring It Up (Live At The Apollo)

"James Brown drove a tight ship. If a drummer missed a beat, it would be $100 fine immediately. He was a serious strict master over the band, and over the exact tempos and over how the song had to fit into his groove. You know he was a bit of slave driver, which was really cool for setting the standards for the soul beat and the sole groove. James Brown was one of the kings of that.

Back in the early days before my time, the Stones were on East Road tours together. And I remember Mick standing in the wings and saying how influenced he was by the way James Brown moved. And that caries right through to today with the Jagger flit and strut."

Marvin Gaye - (very few)

5 - The Who - Substitute

"I've got a funny story. Back in 1974 I had my studio at the Wick, which is the house that Pete Townshend now owns, which I bought from John Mills. Pete still has my studio there. And one night I had Ringo and Keith Moon down there and no drum kit. So they said 'what we going to do' and I said lets all learn to play the guitar. So I taught them the chord of E. We played E all night."


Slash (limited edition) very few left

10 - Slim Harpo - I'm A King Bee
11 - Womack & Womack - Tear Drops
12 - The Yard Birds - For Your Love

13 - Bruce Springsteen -Born To Run
"One of the American boys, who always puts on a good show and always plays a very long time."


1 - The Rolling Stones - Start Me Up

"Mick and Keith had been writing a song we originally intended to use on the Some Girls album. We recorded it the first time in 1978, but did not finish it until a year later. So we used it on Tattoo You instead. That song 'Start Me Up', is the reason why Tattoo You, was for nine weeks on the charts at number one."

James Brown (limited edition from the Rhythm and Blues Suite) - Sold Out

3 - Marvin Gaye - Aint That Peculiar

"I had the pleasure to meet and see him (Marvin Gaye) once in New York.

When Mick I went to see Marvin Gaye Years ago, we went up to his hotel suite afterwards (seeing his show) and there was this guy on the bed with a little woody hat and Mick made these criticisms about the set. He said 'you should have done this song instead of that one'. And this guy said 'That's very well Mick, but I'm not Marvin I'm his brother, and he'll be back in a minute."

4 - Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love

Pete Townshend and Keith Moon - Just a few left

6 - Pearl Jam - Even Flow
7 - The Band - The Weight
8 - KIngs Of Leon - Sex On Fire

9 - Gun's 'N' Roses - Paradise City

"Guns ‘N’ Roses – Paradise City
We go back years. I remember him (Slash) as a kid spying on me while I was playing guitar, and I'd teach him little licks. And now I'm learning lick's off of him. He's a great guy to play with, a great interacter, a good weaver. We can weave like me and Womack do, and me and Richards do. Slash is such a great talent. He plays in my solo band when I take it out. He is on my new album as well. And I just saw him the other night and he's in great from."

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