Ronnie Wood Jazz and Blues Suite
Duke Elington by Ronnie Wood   Miles Davis by Ronnie Wood
Duke Ellington
Miles Davis
Howln Wolf by Ronnie Wood   Robert Johnson by Ronnie Wood
Howlin' Wolf
Robert Johnson
Limited edition Intaglio Print on Somerset
Paper: 28" x 21"
image: 23" x 16" / Edition of 250

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Once upon a time in America, it's great native musical forms clandestinely collided. Jazz from the north, Blues from the south, Boogie-Woogie from the east and together this explosion gave birth to what we simply call Rock and Roll.

Perhaps the Rolling Stones have held the unofficial moniker of the greatest Rock Band ever because it has remained an artistic vessel, carrying the true roots of it's art form, while always pushing the boundaries.

Every time Ronnie runs that slide down the neck of his guitar, Charlie throws a swinging triplet up on that ride cymbal, Keith strikes a lick that drips of the Bayou, and Mick wails on his harp or moans to the stars, they are are paying homage to the gods that shook and rattled the stage before them.

Paying homage to their musical hero's, has always been a major part of what it is to be a Stone. But in the case of Ronnie Wood, this tradition goes much further. As both a world class guitarist and renowned painter, he has been able to create portraits that convey the spirit and soul of these great Masters of Jazz and Blues, as no other artist could ever do.

All four works of the Jazz and Blues Suite are available for sale and delivery immediately.

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