Ronnie Wood Rocked The Museum

  If you have been anywhere near Ronnie Wood the last couple of months, you know it was not just the summer that was blazing HOT. 

In the month of September alone, Ronnie began with the highly anticipated Faces reunion. The small but unforgettable tour elated fans and was showered with glowing reviews. By the end of the month Ronnie followed it up with the release of his album I Feel Like Playing. It was not only a fantastic collection of pure Ronnie Wood rock and roll, but also an amazing gathering of Ronnie's friends, including Slash and Bobby Womack (to name just a couple).

In between the action of his musical career, when most of us mortals would have tried to steal a bit of rest, Ronnie rocked the museum world with a retrospective art exhibition at the prestigious Butler Museum. 

The Butler houses one of the most noted collections in the United States, and in its long history it has hosted appearances from a breathtaking list of famed artists. I assure you, the foundation of this historic institution was never more shaken, than when droves from all over the world descended upon it to witness Ronnie Wood's very first American museum exhibition. 

By the time the crowd gathered outside the museum doors, the electricity in the air was palpable. There was a clear sense that tonight was going to be special. And by the time the sea of attendees joined the gaggle of press to fill the museums main hall, it was aparent to all, that a moment of unique importance was taking place. 

Danny (exiting through the gift shop) Stern
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