Ronnie Wood Paint's His Now Then & Always
Slash, I gotta See by painter Ronnie Wood
I Gotta See
Foxy Jimi Hendrix by artist Ronnie Wood
Foxy Jimi
Keith Richards by fellow Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood
Before They Make Me Run
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Amongst musicians you will from time to time, hear someone referred to as a "musician's musician". Over the years I've heard this said countless times about Ronnie Wood. And from the tone in their voices, I believe these are the words they use to describe simple reverence from within their exclusive club.
Just this week it was said once again. But this time in a packed theater filled with the living legends of rock (Jeff Beck, Iggy Pop, Billy Gibbons.) at the Classic Rock and Roll Honors in London. There, Ronnie Wood was presented by his old friend Pete Townshend, with their highest honor "Outstanding Contribution to Rock".
Beyond the award, it was the scene itself, that best described Ronnie's unique place in music history. In this sea of music icons, most everyone had at one time or another played with Ronnie on stage or in the studio. But topping this long list would without a doubt be his good friend Slash.
Slash (beyond their friendship) is someone Ronnie considers one of his personal "guitar hero's". This is a short list of legends who's talents and musical prowess have inspired and influenced his own legendary career. Some from the past, some from the present, and some who are simply timeless.
It is this cherished circle of close friends and personal mentors that Ronnie has chosen to capture in his most recent suite of paintings, Now Then & Always.
Now- Slash, Who's painting has been named after a song they both recorded for a future album, I Gotta See.
Then- Jimi Hendrix, Ronnie's one time house mate from back in the day. The man who introduced Ronnie to his own musical hero's of Blues and R&B, changing him forever. With affection Ronnie named this Foxy Jimi, after Hendrix's legendary song Foxy Lady.
Always- Keith Richard's. Keith will always be his mate to the left, and his weaving partner of the six-strings. This painting has, like the others, been named for one of his own songs, Before They Make Me Run.
Just this year, Time Magazine, ran a poll asking the public "who are the top 10 guitarists of all time." And to no ones surprise, #1 Jimi Hendrix, #2 Slash, #4 Keith Richards (#3 BB King). All but two of the ten guitar greats on the list had played alongside Ronnie in the past, often in his own home studio.
That is why when Ronnie chooses to take aim with his brush at the greats, the world of musical artists and their fans, always collectively stop and take notice.
Between his personal history and shared talents with these guitar virtuosos, joined with his world renowned painting mastery, we are given glimpses of greatness directly from the top of Rock's Mount Olympus.
Hermes to the Rock 'n' Roll Gods
Danny Stern
Limelight Agency
Now Then & Always Suite
each print 38 x 29.5" Screenprint (24x screens) on Somerset ‘Soft White’ 535gsm paper
Edition of 118 + AP 20 +PP 10
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Museum Show
Ronnie On The Air
Please Allow Me–
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Led Zeplin Tribute
Paint It Black
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WaWa Wood
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