Keith Richards at the Doctor in Ronnie Woods Paint it Black print
The Doctor
Charlie Watts and Darryl Jones in Tight Section painted by Ronnie Wood
Tight Section
Out of Controll, a print of Mick Jagger in Paint it Black by Ronnie Wood
Out of Control
Gimme Shelter (Lisa Fisher) painted by Ronnie Wood in the Paint it Black print Suite
Gimme Shelter
"I wanna see it painted, painted, painted, painted black" -Mick Jagger
Wood Paints it Black!
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The backstage is now clear of visitors, the countdown begins. The boys have been playing a couple blues standards in the snooker room, time is close, and the crowed is feeling it too. A fuzzy call to the stage echoes over a chain of crew radios and the band is gathered.
From the lighting mixer, a lone voice declares “house lights out, cue intro,” from the black, forty thousand fans come alive with a roar. The stage, along with them is draped in darkness. Their eyes search for where it will come from.
The band is on the move behind the city erected of scaffolding, trusses and wires, guided by flashlights, passing glowing LCD screens and flickering colored LED’s along their path to meet their audience.
Charlie has been seated at his kit, the engine can be ignited, boom, tap, boom, tap… The crowed feels it in their chests before it gets to any other sense, and they erupt again. A single hard-pressed chord from a red Duesenberg cuts through the black along with a million exploding watts of lighting. The once dark canvas of their stage has begun to be painted with an exploding brush of rock.
When Martin Scorsese named his film “Shine A Light” it made perfect intuitive sense. For the Stones pull light from the dark. He even extended this observation by choosing to show all the scenes that lead up to the show at the Beacon Theater in black and white and only once the concert came to light, did color come on the screen. This is exactly what Ronnie Wood has done with his latest offering, Paint It Black.
Ronnie with his signature gesturing style of simple and elegant lines, that can convey anything he chooses, has conjured from a black void, the soul of the Rolling Stones. By not allowing our view to be distracted by anything other then the lines and colors in his command, he has been able to perfectly express the swaggering ballet of Keith, the soleful siren song of Lisa, the rhythmic charge of Charlie, and the vamping powerhouse Mick. Each colored line a haiku in the dark, telling us just a little more of their poetry.
Scorsese on a few occasions has said he hoped to find a story he could tell, but in the end he could only deliver the experience of the Stones as they presented themselves. That may be because this is a tale that can only be told by them alone. And collectively, in these 5 amazing works, Ronnie has illuminated another part of the Stones story, as only he can.
Danny (Artist Wrangler) Stern
LImelight Agency
Bernard Fowler and Keith Richards in Pretty Beat up, From Painted Black by Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones  
Paint it Black
Edtion of 295
Each 38.2" x 28.3"
Screenprints (15-20 Color Screens), Aplied Gold Leaf and Printed on Somerset Paper 300gsm
Pretty Beat Up    
Rocked The Museum
The Musketeers
Museum Show
Ronnie On The Air
Please Allow Me–
Now, Then & Always
Fashion Line
Skulls On Stage
Led Zeplin Tribute
Paint It Black
On Stage
Jazz and Blues Suite
Faces, We'll Meet Again
WaWa Wood
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