The Ronnie Wood Edition They've All Been Hoping For
Pesive, a print of Keith Richards by Ronnie Wod
Pensive by Ronnie Wood
20" x 30" Digital / Screen print on canvas edt 600
Pensive (Collectors Edition)
30" x 45" Digital / Screen print on canvas
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I'm sure you're much like me, if you were limited to having just one Andy Warhol, it would be one of his iconic Soup Cans or perhaps a Monroe. If you could have just one Monet it might have to be of water lilies, and if it was to be only one Ronnie Wood painting (relax, just a dramatization), it would have to be of Keith Richards.

The trail of the Ronnie Wood art career has been a long and amazing one. 20 years back, to know about, let alone own a work of art by Ronnie, probably meant you were very deep inside the tight circles of Rock. And at that time the one subject they always hoped to see was the man just feet away to his left, Keith Richards.

Why Pensive ?
Combined with his amazing talent as a painter, being a world class rock musician who has played with nearly every name in music and a life in the most famous Rock band ever, Ronnie has given us insights that no other artist could ever offer. "Pensive" is a perfect example of this.
This painting is one from life. It started as a study sketched during rehearsal. Ronnie remembers this particular moment vividly, as he was taken by how lost in deep thought Keith was. Every time he looked back at the study and now painting, it reminds him why he loves Keith as a subject in his work, as Keith is a complex individual with more depth then meets the casual eye.
Ronnie never knew what Keith was thinking about that evening. Whatever it was was obviously being felt deeply and being offered great thought by Keith. So as a title the most exact to reflect where Keith was, had to be "Pensive".
Now a couple decades later, numerous world tours, dozens of shows in leading galleries and museums, in just about every major city spanning five continents, mountains of news paper and magazine feature stories and an internationally released documentary on his life as an artist, Ronnie's art career has reached magnitudes shared by very few artists. And after all this still the first work a new collector hopes for is of Keith Richards.
In recent years galleries have witnessed limited editions of his most desired themes sell out in days. And the prices on those editions double, triple, and quadruple in the short time before the last prints were taken.
As thrilling as it has been, it has come at a price, felt by both Ronnie and Limelight. Once again his work has become difficult to acquire for those not on the inside. And as you know Ronnie is not the small intimate party type.
The most anticipated and rumored release in Ronnie Wood's career,
and the most amazing opportunity for collectors yet.
From the first moment it was shown to the public (St Petersburg Russia), all of us knew we were looking at the painting of Keith that every Wood art collector and Stones fan would kill to have.
A limited edition of a work like this, had a destiny we could all predict like the sun coming up. It would sell out fast, and would get very pricey just as quickly.
But this time Ronnie would make sure it was different. As it was the perfect one time opportunity for everyone who ever wanted a Keith Richards by Ronnie Wood at a price more collecotors then ever before could afford.
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