Ronnie Wood's "On Stage" Suite

You can take the rock-star off the stage, but you can't...
Mick Jagger by Ronnie Wood in Playing on Hands   Keith Richards painted by Ronnie Wood in Twang   Mick Jagger painted by Ronnie Wood in Weaving
Play on Hands
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It's only been of couple months since I, and a few dozen thousand other Stones fans, had our last opportunity (for now) to have our collective hearts skip a beat to the first chord of Start Me Up, and then race like a rabbit, as the Stones emerged on stage from the dark, to a screaming sea of fans bathed in the light poring from the trusses above and overtaken by the waves of electrifying music.
To a Stones fan, the love of the music itself is just one part of what defines them. As any of them will tell you, the Stones are much larger then the sum of it's parts, larger then the band-mates, the millions of fans, the music and the 44 years of history. The great gestalt of what is the Stones can only begin to be understood if you have stood before their stage and taken the two hour ride.
Ask any fan about their love for the band, and they will eventually tell you about the tours and the concerts they got to experience.
  “Can’t wait to get on stage for a bit of peace and quiet.” -Keith Richards
It is this that makes Ronnie Wood's latest release one of the most exciting announcements we've had to share in some time. He has used his amazing artistic talents to share with us a his perspective from On Stage. A scene deeply familiar to millions around the world... but only truly lived by a mere few.
Let the wonderful flashbacks begin!
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