Ronnie Wood captures it all, in his latest painting of The Rolling Stones.
Skulls On Stag

Can you believe it? This summer will mark two long years since any of us have seen the Stones perform live. And this absence does not make the heart grow fonder... Rather, it makes it ache with desire. If that sounds a little over the top, I'll make the safe bet you've never stood in the glow of their stage.

Much like the long wait among Stones fans for their next taste. So to has been the wait for the admirers of Ronnie Wood's art. As it's been the better part of a year since his last release.

  Skulls on Stage by Ronnie Wood
Skulls On Stage
Edt of 290, 29" x 38 Digital & screenprint
on Somerset Velvet paper
But I'm very happy to report, the long wait is over and well worth it!

Limelight Agency is pleased to present Ronnie Wood's Skulls On Stage, a spectacular depiction of the Rolling Stones in concert thatwill flood your body with the full sensory overload of seeing the Stones from the best seat in the arena. it's an explosion of a painting, in the

same over the top glory of the grand finale of a fireworks show. Ronnie has held back nothing as he's thrown at us a cascade of powerful images, symbols and concert memories that brings the full experience of seeing them play live, once again rushing through our veins.

To any of the millions of fans who who witnessed the band's Bigger Bang tour (2005-2007), this great work will evoke endless memories of that spectacle. In the

Skulls on Stage Canvas by Ronnie Wood
Skulls On Stage Collectors Edition
Edt of 118, 29" x 38 Digital screenprint
and Gold Leaf on canvas
background we see what is perhaps the largest rock stage ever erected, towering a full seven stories tall and containing two levels of enviable seating within it's hulking structure. In it's shadows off in the foreground are Ronnie, Charlie, Keith and Mick tearing up the b-stage, lighting up the dark coliseum like four bolts of unleashed lighting. Over head the sky is ablaze, a victim of the fire down bellow. And in all points of the scene we see an exploding chorus of flashes and floating skulls summoned by the bands own music, all of this held perfectly together by the brush Ronnie wields like a conductors baton.

All of the above surrounds something we have never seen as a feature in any of Ronnie Wood's works to date. The unmistakable symbol of all that is Rolling Stones the iconic tongue, that will soon celebrate it's own 40th year (and still licking).

Collectively this is the by far the grandest Stones print to date by Ronnie Wood. And if it was not for the fact that it was painted by one of the four greatest showmen ever, I'd be lot more worried about what he can possibly do as an encore...

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