Ronnie Wood Paints The Faces

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In the world of Ronnie Wood, before the Rolling Stones, before there were blockbuster art shows, before the fantastic solo albums, There was the Faces.

For many Wood fans the Faces were a golden period in both Ronnie's and his life-long mate Rod Stewart's careers. It was in this famous partnership where these two song writing partners created music that will for ever be rock favorites. Ooh La La, Maggie May, Stay With Me, and many more.

In the words of Rolling Stone Magazine: "The Faces were the ultimate bar-band boogie animals. They were all-star mates on a bender: Rod Stewart on vocals, Ron Wood on guitar, Ronnie Lane on bass, Kenney Jones on drums and Ian McLagan on keyboards. But for all their crazy grins and sloppy bluster, they made some of the friendliest-sounding rock & roll ever."

At the very end of this historic concert, after playing their very last song together. The band clustered together around Rod's lone mike stand and sang cheerful verse of "We'll Meet Again."

In this new work, Ronnie Wood has shared through his amazing artistic talents this fond memory of that last moment on stage with his dear mates. For fans of his music and fans of his art alike, the importance of this great biographic work is sure be felt deeply.

Oo La La

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  Faces, We'll Meet again painted by Ronnie Wood

The Faces Singing for the last time "We'll Meet Again"



Danny Stern
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Faces, We'll Meet Again
43" x 26" Screenprint & Giclee on Canvas
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