Ronnie Wood And His Fellow Musketeers

This autumn, thousands will visit the Butler Museum to see the art work of Ronnie Wood. Through the works ranging from his horses, the countryside of Ireland and of course his celebrity friends, they will get a panoramic view of his unique life. But as intriguing as all these works are, nothing will compare to his artistic insights into the enigma that is the Rolling Stones.

This latest series of Stones works is perhaps the best example of the intimate place from which Ronnie's art speaks. This time he is not describing the musician, the performer, or the rock star. No, this time he has chosen to tell you the story of who the Stones are deep in their hearts and along the way gives them a little joking poke in the side as only a brother can do.

Limelight Agency


  Musketeer Suite By Ronnie Wood
26.25"x20.5" Intaglio with chine collé
print on Khadi handmade paper laid ons
somerset textured 300gsm
Edtion 295 / AP 30 / PP 15



Rocked The Museum
The Musketeers
Museum Show
Ronnie On The Air
Please Allow Me–
Now, Then & Always
Fashion Line
Skulls On Stage
Led Zeplin Tribute
Paint It Black
On Stage
Jazz and Blues Suite
Faces, We'll Meet Again
WaWa Wood
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