A New Work From Ronnie Wood On His 60th Birthday!
Wa Wa Wood painted by Ronnie Wood
WaWa Wood
Digital and Screen print on Canvas
46 3/4"' x 31 1/2" / 119cm x 80cm
Edition of 250
  This month Ronnie Wood celebrates his 60th Birthday. No small milestone for any of us. For most of us, this may signal a time to smell the roses a bit. But for Ronnie, this birthday comes in the same week he and his mates start up the Stones engines once again, and begin a 30 city whirlwind tour of greater Europe. A tour that will include stops in never before played Russia. And if that was not enough Ronnie will also appear along the way at a string of galleries that exhibit his works.

It is to be expected of all of us, when we have reached such a significant new decade of life, a degree of personal review and reflection will take place. We all have our own ways of doing this. But when your past 60 years has been occupied by playing in three of the greatest musical groups in history, including the greatest rock band ever, when you have played with just about every great musical contemporary in all corners of the music world, and when you are a highly achieved artist, who's fame for wielding the brush is only rivaled by that of his musical fame, your answer may be the one seen above.

Van Gogh, Piccaso ,Warhol, and most visual artists have communicated with themselves, and themselves to the outer world, through self portraits. Ronnie too has chronicled his own life in the same great tradition. To both the fan of the Musician and the fan of the artist alike, this work should speak volumes.

Ronnie Wood in front of Gypsy Caravan   A birthday like only a Wood could have.

On the morning of June 2nd, Ronnie woke up on his birthday to the sound of hooves on the drive outside his window. After wiping the sleep away he was greeted to is 60th by the sight of an authentic horse drawn Gypsy caravan wagon.

This may have been a spiritual home coming, as Ronnie comes from Romany Gypsies. His family ( "Barggies", water Gypsies) that worked the rivers on barges that traveled from Paddington to Manchester and beyond. Ronnie himself was the first of his family to be born on dry land.

All the best (and Happy Birthday Ronnie).

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WaWa Wood
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