LA Magazine Ronnie Wood interview

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Ronnie Wood's got a triple-header in L.A. this summer. The musician-artist is exhibiting his most recent paintings at Gallery 319 (and will be on hand for the "Collectors' Show"), Rhino Records just released the Faces: Five Guys Walk into a Bar box set, and he joins former bandmate Rod Stewart to go around the plynth at the Hollywood Bowl.

When was the last time you performed with Rod Stewart? We blew the roof off Madison Square Garden in February.

What is your favorite museum to muse in? The Prado in Spain.

You wanted to be a set design painter when you were younger. Is there a movie you wished you had worked on? Dances with Wolves.

  Slide On This by Ronnie Wood

Do you have moments, people, or places you like to capture when you're sketching on tour? Yeah, I like to capture the boys when we are working in the control room and lots of the people that come by my hotel room.

The tension in Mick and Keith's relationship adds to their creativity as the Glimmer Twins. As a solitary painter, where do you find your creative tension?Between Mick and Keith.

What's the one thing you always said you'd never do but did? Never back all the horses in one race, which I did recently at Royal Ascot*-all bare one, which ended up winning the race!

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