Rocker Ron's out painting the town - and the people too

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By Louise Hogan

IT'S only art . . . but we like it. On the eve of the Rolling Stones concert in Slane, there's no rest for craggy rocker Ronnie Wood, as he's taking time out to paint the town.

With a dash of pencil, and maybe a splash of colour thrown in, that is.

Never mind putting the feet up tonight ahead of their performance in old-style grandeur in the Co Meath venue, the 60-year-old will be launching his own exhibition of 60 art and screen prints close to Dublin Castle.

And for those feeling the pinch after stumping up for tickets for Lord Henry Mountcharles' annual music fest, the good news - a glimpse of the rockers' portraits will cost them absolutely nothing.

Over the next few days many a Stones fan, and one or two art lovers, are expected to stroll past his exhibition of portraits and paintings in the Project Office in Dublin's Temple Bar.

The guitarist's array of paintings and etchings feature many of his rock star pals, landscapes and animals.

His portraits of well-known icons, include one of his fellow bandmates, The Rolling Stones, entitled 'A Bigger Bang'.

Other eye-catching pictures adorning the walls include Jack Nicholson, Bob Dylan, Billie Holiday, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye and Miles Davis.

Curator Olivia Evans said there were also pictures showing his family life in Co Kildare, including paintings of his wife Jo and his racehorses.

"They depict a much softer, more sensitive family side of him," Ms Evans said.

Woods will be hosting a private viewing of his exhibition tonight, but from tomorrow Saturday until August 22, the art will be open to the public at the Project Office. And for those eager to snap up a bit of rock 'n' roll culture, both the originals and prints will be available for purchase.

Woods has gained a reputation as an acclaimed artist and prices range from €850 for a print to €73,900 for an original.

Trained in the Ealing College of Art in London before joining the Stones, he has shown his work in Ireland several times in the past.

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