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Sympathy for the devil by ronnie wood on cover

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Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood takes a brief break from music this weekend for the sake of art

His art, that is.

On Sunday, Wood will unveil a display of 25 of his sketches at a members-only preview at the Rock and Roll hall of Fame and Museum. The exhibition opens to the public on Monday and will be up until Nov. 17. Prints of Wood’s works will be on sale starting Sunday at ArtMetro in the Colonial Marketplace, 530 Euclid Ave., Cleveland.

“I’ve done (drawing) ever since I was tiny, since I was 3 or


something,” says Wood. “I used to copy my older brothers; they were both artists and musicians.”

Wood’s Hall of Fame exhibition features Rolling Stones-oriented works such as “Sympathy for the Devil,” “Stones in Sepia” and Slide onthis.” Two of the pieces have neverbeen displayed in the United States: Study of Mick” and “Study of Keith.”

Wood also will be displaying set lists from the rehearsals, to which he and guitarist Keith Richards have added doodles and other “little silly things.”

“the basic thing to the hardcore Stones fan is breakdown of which numbers we rehearsed each day,” says Wood, who also released his ltest solo album, “Not for Beginners,” before the tour.

Wood Reports that he’s spending much of his free time on the tour with his art as well.
“I’m drewing all the views from the hotels from the windows, while I’m in every place,” he says. “Its like a traveling diary.”

–Gary Graff


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