Ronnie Wood in the Shanghai Daily
Wood shows his artistic merit
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Wood shows his artistic merit

Ron Wood May be known as the “new boy” in the Rolling Stones, but the guitarist is also a gifted visual artist.

While the legendary British group is making its Shanghai debut on April 8. Wood’s artwork will be on display in the city from tomorrow.

Wood’s Passion for music and art are obvious in his art as they integrate a sense of melody and rhythm. His drawings range from musicians he has admired, known and played with, to family and close friends. He also does self-portraits.

The 58-year-old, who joined the Stones in 1975 as replacement for Mick Taylor, usually works in styles that include oil paintings, charcoal drawings, woodcuts, lithographs, mixed media and watercolors.
The Englishman’s passion for the arts is understandable as he was born into a musical and artistic family in Middlesex. He later received his arts training at the London’s Ealing College of Art.

Despite starting to paint from the age of 3, a two-week stint as a sign painter proved enough as he soon turned his attention to rock music.

It turned out to be a good move as after starting with his original group the Birds (not to be confused with US group The Byrds), Wood graduated to the Jeff Beck Group and later as part of Rod Stewart and the Faces.

Despite his musical success, Wood’s art has provided him a different medium to express himself.

In the 1980’s Wood produced his first prints – three woodcuts and a series of monotypes ­– in the United States after spending months working in a printmaking studio in England.

Previous to his Shanghai exhibition, Wood has also held shows in Europe, North America, South America and other cities around Asia over the past decade his shows have included retrospectives at the Museum of Modern Art in San Paulo in 1996 and Cleveland’s Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2002

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