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Rolling Stone Shows His Paintings
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By Jennifer Davis

Ronnie Wood, the legendary guitarist with The Rolling Stones, is a true Renaissance man.

Despite a grueling tour schedule, numerous recording sessions, and ongoing work on his memoirs, due out next year, Wood still finds time to draw and paint. In conjunction with the first-ever Rolling Stones’ concert
Ronnie Wood in St. Ptersburg at art show
in St. Petersburg on Saturday, the D137 Gallery is holding an exhibition of Wood’s latest work.

“I feel lucky that I’m able to express myself both as an artist and a musician,” said Wood. “In my paintings, I’m trying to capture the physical movement and energy of the moment.”

An alumnus of Ealing Art College in London, Wood has proved himself an accomplished and prolific painter, celebrated in several exhibitions in Japan, Brazil, the U.S. and throughout Europe.

Wood is foremost a portrait painter, and has had the unique opportunity to paint some of the most famous musicians of the twentieth century, including all the members of The Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton, and even Madonna. He always carries a sketch book with him on the road.

The exhibit is not limited to musical themes however. Wood has included several portraits of his wife and a series of oil paintings of ballerinas.

“I just recently started painting dancers,” he said. “ In London, I had the opportunity to sit in on rehearsals and sketch.”

Wood launched his illustrious rock career playing with The Jeff Beck Group in the mid-sixties, before joining the Small Faces with Rod Stewart in 1969. However, Wood was always a huge fan of the Rolling Stones and claimed he always knew he would join the band one day. He recorded the hit single, “It’s Only Rock n’ Roll” with the Stones in 1974 and became an official member of the group in 1975. The Rolling Stones has been traveling for the past two years on The Bigger Bang Tour which wraps up in August.

“I’ll finally have a chance to rest,” said Wood. “But rest for me means more painting.” “The band just keeps getting better and better or else we wouldn’t be doing it,” he said. “I think we’re all better friends now than ever. Every day is a new adventure. We get on the plane together, go different places. We’re like a bunch of kids.”

The Rolling Stones’ concert on Palace Square last weekend drew an estimated 50,000 people. “We still get nervous before we go on,” said Wood. “It’s so exciting.”

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