Bernie Taupin Art tour Taupin joined by Alice Cooper at art show:
Just recently, Alice Cooper joined up with Taupin to celebrate his show at the opening of the DeRubeis Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. (more)
  Bernie Taupin Studio interview Painting Studio Video :
Interview with Bernie Taupin

A rare and reveling look into the artistic world of Bernie Taupin. From his home painting studio in the hills of California, Bernie speaks about where the art comes from, what it means to him and how he approaches his work. (more)
  Bernie Taupin and Evlivs Costello Taupin's Art Packs The Galleries:
and a visit from friend Elvis Costello

Countless fans have longed to know the artist and lyricist behind the words sung by Elton John. And now that the public has glimpsed the paintings of the artistic legend, the desire to meet this poet of notes and brush strokes has reached a fever pitch. (more)
  John Wayne Comanche Tracker Art Of The Musical Legend Bernie Taupin:
Comes to Limelight Agency

Limelight Agency is very excited and honored to be the first to present the art of Bernie Taupin to the gallery world, and it's a privilege we do not take lightly. (more)





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