Tom Everhart
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Cracking Up

Surfing With Franz And Willem by Tom Everhart

Hello *|FNAME|*,

It occurred to me recently, while laughing hysterically at my own reflection dancing uncontrollably around me on the four feet of colorful transparent Tahitian water, that the act of cracking up could be extremely visual. Depending on your own interest, the way you see things in the world, it can be extremely comical or emotionally uncontrolled and helpless.

Cracking Up”, is a topographical autobiography of the beginning of the 21st century. In terms of a subject matter, the work consists of a self-portrait conveying my way of seeing them in the act of cracking up. I believe that cracking up has never excluded anyone, at least in some small way, so I have tried to invest a certain universality of feeling and meaning encouraging the viewer to become the portrait.

Finally, much of my past sixteen years have been spent in French Polynesia. Because of the light, you see more color, and thus, there is, more color in life there that influences the warmth of the mind maps that frame the figures Cracking up.

– Tom Everhart


Cracking Up

Paper 30" x 44" Image 25.5" x 39.5
Mixed media print on deckled edge paper
Edition 195 / AP 50 / JE 50 / PP 40 / HC 15

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