Tom Everhart
Surfing With Franz And Willem

Surfing With Franz And Willem by Tom Everhart


Limelight Agency is proud to present Tom Everhart’s Surfing With Franz and Willem, a limited edition fine art print release that has already become a fast selling classic.

Surfing With Franz and Willem is the premier painting, in a body of work that Everhart is currently engrossed in. As such it was the feature work Everharts recent Beverly Hills event RAW. A star filled," black and white" attire show exhibiting a collection of Everhart’s black and whit paintings and limited edition prints.

The collection was debuted with a special comprehensive show catalog that is destined to be a known as a very rare collectable, as it is not available anywhere for sale. With one exception.

We pleased to share that this catalog is included in the purchase of every Surfing With Franz and Willem limited edition print.

RAW Collection Catalog comes with every print in the edition

Eric Johnson & Jessica Simpson pose in front of Surfing With Franz And Willem at Everhart's Beverly Hills art opening.

Tom Everhart on
Surfing With Franz And Willem

We surf the web to find information. Students of art academia surf the history of art, much in the same way, to find information of influences. Sometimes, these inspirational waves of influence roll with our play of consciousness and evolve with other influences into a new way of seeing illusion, thought, and mood.

This is how fusing my 20 years of influence from Sparky’s (Charles M. Schulz) visual articulations with the many other influences from my life and fine art academia experience is responsible for my body of work from the past 28 years. Without these many other influences, the work would be a body of cartoons, and not, as it is, a body of paintings. Additionally and most importantly, fusing these other influences, with Sparky’s, facilitated our only agreement that the paintings were not to be a copy of his comic strip, but a new way of seeing the same thing.

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Surfing With Franz And Willem
Paper: 22" x 46" Image: 18.5" x 42"
Medium: Mixed media print on deckled edge paper
Edition 75 / AP 20 / PP 10 / HC 10

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