Tom Everhart
Water Lilies

Surfing With Franz And Willem by Tom Everhart


Limelight Agency is proud to present Water Lilies, a series of six paintings Tom Evehart has brought back from his home studio in Tahiti. And now available as fine art limited edition prints.

Tom Everhart on
the Water Lilies series

I was not led to retreat to Tahiti, in 2000, and begin a second home / studio, to leave my way of seeing, but to test it. Although, because it was the same year that Sparky (Charles M. Schulz) died, I would be intellectually dishonest to not admit to it somewhat. Mostly, it was if this influential volume of unique line constructions, that Sparky allowed me to check out of his visual library, would work in a Tahitian environment, where life is lived and has lived so differently. The visual test would play out in a succession of “series”.

The “Water Lilies” series was produced in the Tahitian studio during the same period of time that, in the Venice studio, the “I’ve Got Ants In My Pants (and I need to dance)” series was in production, and was meant to be a tributary of it. The “I’ve Got Ants In My Pants” series incorporated a group of dance drawings that represented the restless rhythms of the eagerness and anxiousness to make art as a direct response to something fascinating, new, beautiful, or even something incredibly stupid. So when this group of dance drawings was transplanted into the Tahiti studio, they immediately referenced the fascinating and beautiful traditions of dance, as it is very much a party of the Tahitian culture and history, with rhythms of visual narratives that share how they see the world.

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Water Lilies
A sereis of six works - Each:
Paper: 12" x 8" Image: 18.5" x 42"
Medium: Mixed media print on deckled edge paper
Edition 295 / AP 50 / PP 40 / HC 15

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