True, We did Build this City on Rock ´n’ Roll,But could it withstand a hurricane?
Sting by Grace Slick  

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By Jamie Laughlin

“Well, right now I’m carving a picture of Johnny Depp as pirate Jack Sparrow,” said Grace Slick from her California living room, where she is preparing to gallery-hop across the U.S. Her newest visual art collection is opening Friday at the Wentworth Gallery in The Gardens Mall (3101 PGA Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens), and then Saturday in the Wentworth Gallery in the Town Center Mall (6000 Glades Road, Boca Raton). When asked why the dreamy Depp was her muse instead of a more predictable rock icon, she replied, “What’s not to like about a good lookin’ guy with a shitload of money and the ability to protect you on a desert island?”

Slick’s artistic style embodies the same cartoonish, larger-than-life qualities as her Jefferson Airplane lyrics, but instead of belting warbly choruses about pills that expand and

contract, she now utilizes acrylics and negative space to represent a similarexpanse. Many of Slick’s pieces resemble an animation style similar to stills of psychedelic Disney films, but most of the themes focus on rock ´n’ roll figures or, understandably, the White Rabbit. “I’ve always liked how our parents were mad at us for taking drugs, but in all of the stories they read to us, they were taking drugs!” said Slick when describing her lifelong affinity for the monocle-clad hare. “Eventually you discover that if you put a chemical in you or on you, something interesting happens; then oooh, we’re having an adventure!

Don’t confuse Slick with your typical retiree-turned-artist; she isn’t painting seashells, hittin’ the bingo hall, or toiling over all the things she never accomplished in life -- well OK, maybe she does have a couple of regrets. “If I was 35 or so, I would have my people call his people,” said Slick, who is still daydreaming of Johnny Depp. “If I had known that I could do that when I was younger, I would have screwed Peter O’Toole and Jimi Hendrix. Hell, I probably could’ve nailed both of em’."

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