Prophetic painting inaugurates Art of Music gallery

Jeannette Carrillo

One look at Las Vegas these days and its obvious: The city is changing, fast. If you haven't visited the strip in awhile, take heed-the neon lights have given way to much more than the sum of slot machines and sequined showgirls.

One space in particular is The Art of Music gallery (The forum Shops at Caesars, 263-9400). Presented by the Grammy Foundation, the gallery showcases artwork by award-winning musicians, and is proud to present its inaugural exhibit on flags, which is anchored by Grace Slick's "9-11".

months ago. "She was emotional and personal. She was definitely an American girl and that's, you know, why I did it. But she's not political. So putting a flag behind Janis, nobody's ever done that because that's not her thing. And having her down on her knees-she's rather pleading with us, with God, with anything to ease the pain.

"It's more personal. It baffles me why the flag is behind her."

According to Slick, however, the image is not the first time predictions have crept into her work. In fact, the former front-woman of Jefferson Airplane said she's had experiences crop into lyrics and other paintings that have made her take a step back and wonder, "What the hell?"

"[It] is kind of scary for me now to draw or write because I keep doing what's either precognitive or something," she said. "I had "a car accident a long time ago, but the way it happened, I described in a song about five years before that."

And then there's the painting of a pregnant Madonna Slick said she finished weeks before the pop diva was with child.


When asked where it comes from, Slick said, "I have no idea. Maybe art is the way in which we are conduits for some other spirit form or something."

Well whatever it is and regardless of where it originates, one thing is certain: Art is an unstoppable force. Its effects are as moving to onlookers as to the artists themselves. In a word, art inspires. It drives us to take stock of the world around us, to search for understanding and to become part of something bigger than ourselves. If you don't believe that, stop by the Art of Music gallery. You're sure to come away with something to ponder.

Twenty percent of the sale of Slick's "9-11," priced at $911, will benefit the New York firefighters.

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