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Grace Slick comes to San Diego

Saturday December 3rd, Grace Slick will be unveiling in person her new 420 Collection At alexander salazar fine art. For details on how you can join in.
Woodstock Grace Slick  

Woodstock Through Grace Slick's Looking-glass

"Saying goodbye on the last of three days, the clump of musicians on the stage is appreciating the audience and vice versa. Everything except murder is happening in the crowd – as it would in any gathering of that size" - Grace Slick. (more)
Woodstock Grace Slick  

Grace Slick goes down to the

Grace Slick - "The '50s in this country were real straight, very rigid. We decided to live the way we wanted to live in the '60s. But that's a big jump. It's very much like Alice being from very straight Victorian times, going down the rabbit hole into Wonderland." (more)
Woodstock Grace Slick  

Grace Slick Presents Monterey Pop

In Grace's painting "Monterey" she is telling a story from the performers perspective, by placing the back stage scene in the foreground. She has chosen a unique perspective that only a small group that was there experienced. (more)
Woodstock Grace Slick  

Jimi Hendrix and The White Rabbit

"Still with us by sound but absent in body, Jimi is only partially with us.
We will, however, take anything we can get from the Genius" - Grace Slick (more)


Hendrix & Rabbit
Don Blanco
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