Woodstock Through Grace Slick's Looking-glass
Grace Slick looks back 40 years, to a concert no one will ever forget
Can you find them all?
Jack CassadyJorma Kaukonen
Marty Balin
Spencer Dryden
Paul Kantner
Barack Obama
Roger Daltry
Keith Moon
  Pete Townshend
Mickey Hart
Phil Lesh
Jerry Garcia
Bob Weir
Bill Kreutzmann
White Rabbit
Jimi Hendrix
  Ravi Shankar
Richie Havens
Graham Nash
David Crosby
Neil Young
Stephen Stills
>Country Joe McDonald
  John Sebastian
Joan Baez
Alvin Lee
John Entwistle
Janis Joplin
Grace Slick
Max Yasgur
signed by Grace slick
20.5" x 30.5"
Giclee on canvas
Arabic 169 / 69 ap
Roman 166 / 9 ap

Dear Grace Slick Fan,

Forty years ago history was made on a farmers field in upstate New York. And if your over the age of 10, you probably do not need the likes of me to explain all that happened and what it all meant. I'll leave that to the countless movies, books, news stories, documentaries, department store theme window displays, historians, and the four million people who say they were one of the four hundred thousand there.

Personally, I'd rather hear the story of the historic "3 Days Of Peace & Music" from one of the few remaining voices of a revolutionary generation who gathered together on that stage to create something amazing... Grace Slick.

The truth is, Woodstock is not one story at all. It's the story of each individual who braved the traffic, the weather and the absence of general services, some whose names we’ll never know.

Grace has perfectly captured this, in her recent painting Woodstock. In one grand single view on canvas, Ms. Slick has offered a sea of people who made up the epic scene. Each with their own experience of the festival. On stage we see a parade of icons (Hendrix, Joplin, Baez, and on), but in the open field she's painted one by one an endless expanse of people, young lovers, vendors, backpackers, parents and children... each one the center of their own Woodstock tale.

It's not often that an artist can offer through her own work a historic statement from a firsthand perspective, but in this one particular case, that is exactly what we have.

Hog Farmer
Danny Stern
Limelight Agency<

  In Grace Slicks Own words:

At the time (1969), A concert with ½ a million people was unheard of. To be honest we were blissfully unprepared and unmercifully hammered by the weather. As the painting shows, the audience had to slog around in the mud. Young people adapt to that kind of a mess better than old farts.

Saying goodbye on the last of three days, the clump of musicians on the stage is appreciating the audience and vice versa. Everything except murder is happening in the crowd – as it would in any gathering of that size.

I have taken the liberty of inserting some individuals who could not have been there, but maybe they were in spirit – Abraham, Buddha, Mohamed, Jesus, Adam & Eve, Alice in Wonderland, The White Rabbit, My daughter and Barack Obama.

For composition and space, I have simplified the stage gear and the sound towers. If it looks like a cartoon – it was.

Hendrix & Rabbit
Don Blanco
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