Justin BUA Videos

Justin BUA's Harlem Rose
BUA speaks about the creating and meaning of his painting Harlem Rose.
  Justin BUA, King of Pop
On the heels of the untimely passing of the King Of Pop Michael Jackson, BUA speaks about painting the legend.
  Justin BUA on Yo TV
During BUA's book signing in Berkley CA, he is interviewed by Yo TV on the influence Michael Jackson had on him.
  Justin BUA on Curent TV
Current TV profiles BUA. Covering him teaching his class at USC, Book signing and in the studio.
Justin BUA on Starz
Starz TV profiles BUA in his LA Studio, on The B Side.
  Justin BUA
BUA tells the story of the teachers that did not believe in his art and his who did.
  BUA Justin the DJ
Gallery Opening as only BUA could have.
  Justi BUA on indie 101
Indie 101 covers LA's own BUA in the studio and up on the roof.
Justin BUA on Starz
BUA appears on Good Morning Atlanta. Are they ready?
  Justin BUA about Franko
Justin BUA talks about the Franko, one of the many characters of his world
  Justin BUA on BET
BUA is BET's number 1 pick of the week.
  Bua reel
See the many sides of Justin BUA's art. From Shoe's to video games
Justin BUA on YO TV
BUA Shows up on YO TV (Youth TV)
  Justin BUA on Ovation Channel
Ovation Channel profiles their own on air personality Justin BUA


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Harlem Rose
King Of Pop
Yo! TV
Current TV
B Side on Starz
Long Story
Gallery Opening
Indie 101
Good Day Atlanta
Franko the Prophit
BUA Promo Reel
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Ovation Channel
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