Ronnie Wood in the News

Grace Slick in the Malibu Arts Journal  

His painting provides plenty of satisfaction

LEGENDARY rock guitarist Ronnie Wood was nine when he sold his first painting. Which settles that old debate over which came first - the art or the music. (more)
Grace Sick in Interview Magazine  

Ronnie Wood the painter takes centre stage in Dublin show

The star's paintings - which can command prices of more than €70,000 (£48,000) - were on show in Dublin exhibition as the Rolling Stones performed at Slane in Co Meath. (more)
Grace Slick in timeout Chicago  

Rolling Stone Shows His Paintings in Russia

Despite a grueling tour schedule, numerous recording sessions, and ongoing work on his memoirs, due out next year, Wood still finds time to draw and paint. (more)
Grace Slick in the Pioneer Local  

Rocker Ron's out painting the town - and the people too

IT'S only art . . . but we like it. On the eve of the Rolling Stones concert in Slane, there's no rest for craggy rocker Ronnie Wood, as he's taking time out to paint the town. (more)
Justin BUA in Mixer Magazine  

Art or music? Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood does both

"In the studio, when you're building a song, when you overdub, it's like when you're doing a painting, you know, with the background and then coming gradually to the main picture. The layers are the same." (more)
Grace Slick in Cape Cod Times  

Rolling Stone puts heart into art

An accomplished artist, Wood has lived in Ireland since 1998 and breeds horses at his farm in Co Kildare. (more)
Grace Slick in the Boston Herald  

Fortunate Son The Art of Ronnie

Early in his art career, he was dismissed by some critics as a rock-star dabbling in art, but his paintings and print editions of portraits, landscapes and animals have developed a devoted following. (more)
Grace Slck in the Washington Times  

The Two Ronnie's

Art and music have always been Ronnie Wood's two great passions. He was brought up in a council house in Yiewsley, Middlesex, the third son of the tow barge-living Romany gypsies, Arthur and Elizabeth, and the first of their family to be born on dry land.(more)
Grace Slick in the Washington Post  

Ronnie Wood: Stone

alone He is one of the world's most famous musicians. But right now, he tells Nick Duerden, he's more excited about rocking the art world. (more)
Grace Slick in The Connection Newspaper  

Good Wood

Ronnie Wood will always be remembered as an excellent musician, but he is fast gaining a reputation as a skilled artist (more)
Grace Slick in Creative Loafing  

Wood shows his artistic merit

While the legendary British group is making its Shanghai debut on April 8. Wood's artwork will be on display in the city from tomorrow. (more)
Grace Slick in Art Scene Vail  

His painting provides plenty of satisfaction

Dressed in a scarlet shirt, black jacket, and jeans, Ron Wood looks very much like a Rolling Stone. His rooster 'do is suspiciously dark for a man of 58, but the guy's still got vibe. (more)
Grace Slick in the Boca Raton News  

Visual Music

The unique aspect of Ronnie Wood's dual talent is that thye not only run parallel, but are completely integrated in their expression. His art flows with rhythm and melody while his music provokes colour and imagery.(more)

Grace Slick in the Boca Raton News  

The Many Talents of, Ronnie Wood

It's a rare occurrence these days to go to a Rolling Stones concert, and not hear Sir Mick Jagger boast about fellow Stone Guitarist Ronnie Wood's art. Mick Jagger is now accustomed to announcing him as "Ronnie Rembrandt" (more)
Justin Bua in Urbanology Magazine  

Musician-painters "rock" art world

Ronnie Wood is a bit more matter of fact: "Painting is a good outlet for me. With a band I'm part of a unit, whereas with my art, I control the whole thing," he says at (more)
Grace Slick in the Desert Morning News  


He Says, "I draw people whenever I can" in the studio, in the control room – when I get a bit of time I just do a quick sketch." (more)
Grace Slick in the desert Sun  

Art of a Stone

Between the music and the artwork, it appears Wood will never have any spare time on his hands, which is fine by him because, he says "I don't want to become a couch potato."(more)
Grace Slick in the Eastsider  

If you go down to Ron Wood's today

After decades of booze and drugs, Ronnie Wood is stone-cold sober. But the Rolling Stone is refusing to fight another lifelong addiction — to his career as a painter. (more)
Grace Slick in the Laguna Coastline Pilot  

Ron Wood could have just as easily been a painter.

"They're both forms of artistic expression, and I'm lucky enough to be born with [a talent for them]," he says. (more)
Grace Slick in the Las Vegas Weekly  

Ron Wood Rolls Out His Art

As he squeezed through the crowd, eyeing the prints of his drawings and etchings, plus a few oil-on-canvas originals, Wood answered questions and at one point grabbed a fan's cell phone to say hello to the person on the other end. (more)
grace Slick in the Marin Indipendent Journal  

From guitar riffs to brush strokes

Wood is just one of many musicians who can produce a drawing or painting as easily as a guitar riff or song lyric - and get paid handsomely for it. (more)
grace Slick in the Marin Indipendent Journal  

Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood is showing his artistic side

Unlike some celebrity artists, Wood's talent has been recognized by the art world at large. His work was exhibited in 1996 at the Museum of Modern Art in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and his art has been in galleries throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia. (more)
Grace Slick in the Miami Herald  

Los Angeles Magazine

"Yeah, I like to capture the boys when we are working in the control room and lots of the people that come by my hotel room." (more)
Justin Bua in Urbanology Magazine  

Wood more then just a musical artist

But it's not her past with Jefferson Airplane that makes Slick tick these days-she's been there, done that. Slick is now turning her considerable creative powers toward paint, pencil and canvas. (more)
Grace Slick in the New Times  

Ronnie's Ivey League

Supping stars: Ronnie Wood's depiction of regular celebrity diners at The Ivy is on epart of a triptych. This unfinished section, along with two other panels, will eventually feature 60 well-known faces... (more)
grace Slick in the Marin Indipendent Journal  

Guitarist Wood wields a mean pencil, too

"I think they're connected," Wood says of the ability to create music and to create drawings. "It's a solo effort when you're drawing, a group effort with music. But they're both outlets, and I'm lucky to have both sides of the expression. (more)
Grace Slick in the Miami Herald  

Art that rocks

Wood has been an artist longer than he's been a musician, and while there's little doubt that the prices for his work are kicked up several notches by his rock icon status, his skill is undeniable. (more)
Justin Bua in Urbanology Magazine  

Painting a solo release for guitarist Ron wood

And with the same in-your-face candor with which she and Jefferson Airplane enraptured music fans, Slick waved goodbye and started a new life — one less public but no less creative. (more)
Grace Slick in the Palo Alto Daily News  

Portrait of an artist who's also a rock star

Rod Stewart, caramel haired, perfectly tanned and trailed by towering blond. He is quickly followed by Tim Allen and someone who looks a lot like Jack Nicholson, but isn't the party has finally begun (more)
grace Slick in the Marin Indipendent Journal  

Ron Wood's Brush With Fame

Wood's passion for expressing his art on canvas has been with him throughout his music career. The intermingling of his "arts" has resulted in a body of work full of deft glimpses of some of the most intriguing talents in rock history. (more)

Grace Slick in the Rocky Mountian News  

RONNIE WOOD - I know it's only Rubens 'n' Goya

Grace Slick knows she's not the world's greatest artist. "I've had reviewers on my voice saying she couldn't sing her way out of a paper bag, which is probably true," Slick says. "But people bought the records." (more)

Grace Slick in the Rocky Mountian News  

Ron Wood, painter

"I was painting when I was 4," says Wood, 58, who believes that the secret of capturing a subject is all in the eyes, insisting, "If you get the eyes, then you've got it." (more)
Grace Slick in Rolling Stone Magazine  

Ronnie Wood's paintings rock L.A. Gallery

As Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood swept through Los Angeles as part of the band's 40 Licks anniversary tour. He took time. Along with some famous friends, to launch an exhibition of his paintings at a West Hollywood gallery. (more)
Grace Slick in the Sacramento Bee  

Wood's work on display at Rock Hall of Fame

Wood Reports that he's spending much of his free time on the tour with his art as well. "I'm drawing all the views from the hotels from the windows, while I'm in every place," he says. "Its like a traveling diary."(more)
grace Slick in the Marin Indipendent Journal  

Rock on: real-life music stars move from the stage to canvas

rock `N' Roll Hall of Fame chief curator Jim Henke said many rock musicians are simply returning to their roots. Wood and Lennon, among others, got their start in art school. Many met in school, long before they were rock stars. (more)

Grace Slick in the Santa Monica Mirror  

Ron Wood, An Artist in 3 Media

"In the back of my head I always knew I'd be a musician first and an artist later," begins a recently published book of paintings, drawings and informal autobiography, "Ron Wood by Ron Wood: The works." (more)

Grace Slick in the Rocky Mountian News  

Ronnie At Age 13

When I visited Ronnie at his home in Whitethorn-avenue, Yiewsley, I discovered he was the youngest of three artistic brothers. In fact the two older ones, Arthur, Aged 14, and 22-year-old Ted, are both successful commercial artist (more)


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