Holland The Artist of The Western
The amazing paintings of pop-culture artist Stephen Holland has brought him many unplanned but well deserved distinctions - most notably being the best selling artist of sports art. Despite the great achievement that is, to sto there would be like ending your trip to New York at JFK's taxi stand.

Butch Casedy and the Sundance Kid by Stephen Holland

There are very few aspects of popular culture that the brush of Stephen Holland has not taken aim at. Along the way he's consistently made an indelible mark with each subject he's painted. For those in the music world, Holland is the artist of the GRAMMY's, and for car aficionados he is the artist of Bugatti and Maserati, just to offer two more examples of where his art has gained acclaim.

Stephen Holland just marked his 70th birthday. For some this would be a time to slow down. But in the art world, this is an artists prime. A time to enjoy the decades of developing and honing their craft, with the freedom to create their best work that reflects the culmination of their skills and personal artistic vision.

  "No kid on my block had more cowboy pistols than me. When the radio was on, it was the Lone Ranger, when we went to the movies it was Gregory Peck on the screen in a ten gallon hat, and when it was raining outside, the hallway of my apartment house echoed with the sound of cap gun fire. Every kid including me wanted to be a cowboy.

I think for most of us, before our heros became the giant figures of real flesh who achieved actual greatness, it was those characters of fiction who set the standard. Westerns were great that way. They even showed me that sometimes good guys come riding into town in the black hats.

– Stephen Holland

The Holland Collection

To celebrate this wonderful milestone, Holland has created the first wave of what will probably be his finest work to date. For the past year Holland has started a collection of paintings that radiate with the pure joy and love he has for every flavor of popular culture. One by one as these powerful and exciting works are unveiled, they will collectively describe Stephen Holland as the artist off...