Stephen Holland Chosen to Commemorate Derek Jeter's 3,000th
Early in the 2011 baseball season it became clear that this would be the year where Derek Jeter joined the exclusive 3,000 Club. And not more then a few moments after this realization, it become equally clear that this career milestone needed to be commemorated in a fashion fitting to it's great importance.

It was at this early time, many months before that 3,000th crack of Jeter's bat was heard, that the call came from New York asking the artist of sports and celebrity, Stephen Holland, to create a work as monumental as the moment it would capture.

Stephen Holland with Derek Jeter

The choice of Holland to create the painting is without a doubt a great honor, it was a clear one as well. For years the connection between the New York Yankees and Holland has been an exceptionally strong one. He has painted most every great in history to wear the blue pin-stripes. His gallery shows in New York are typically attended by Yankee legends like Yogi Berra and Don ("Perfect Game") Larsen. One such NY gallery show of Holland's was even an official event of the All Star Game in NY during the Yankees' farewell to their old field.

Next month both Jeter and Holland will be celebrating the unveiling of this painting together in New York, along with the release of an exclusive limited edition print of Jeter hitting his 3,000th. There they will share the occasion with a select group of collectors of this special print.

Limelight Agency

Derek Jeter 3000 by Stephen Holland