Stephen Holland Is The Rebel Artist

Marlon Brando as Rebel from The Wild Ones by Stephen Holland Four wheels move the body Two wheels move the soul
-quote from unknown-
To ride a motorcycle has never just been a choice of transportation. It's a statement of inner being. It speaks loudly to the desire to traverse life, unfettered by boundaries, free to move wherever and whenever the wind calls to you. It's the vehicle that is chosen by the restless soul that is only comforted from knowing an open road awaits not too far away, a road that goes past the hazy horizon.

Like James Dean's leather jacket or Fonda's red, white and blue helmet in Easy Rider, the motorcycle is an outward pronouncement of the need in some of us to color outside the lines, far outside, to not settle for what worked yesterday, hunger for more, and even more, to rebel against all that is just good enough, or just rebel.

Holland as the master painter of popular culture, has once again found in fiction, what lives deep in the very real hearts of some of us, perhaps even you. In his most recent work he has delivered in one painting what no amount of words could fully define, he has captured the very spirit of our own rebel soul within.

Faster, faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death
- Hunter S. Thompson