Holland Paints The Yankees Triple Threat Suite
When fans talk about the unbeatable winning team, of any sport, the conversation quickly becomes one about the line-up of names that were the heart of that team. Whether it's Magic - Kareem - Worthy or Larson - Berra - Mantle these are the names that will in time be cemented together in the lore of their sport.

Derek Jeter Yankee by Stephen HollandDerek Jeter Derek Jeter Yankee by Stephen HollandMariano Rivera Derek Jeter Yankee by Stephen HollandAlex Rodriguez
Each print 41" x 21" Giclee on canvas Edition 99 / AP 25 / PP 25

In the case of today's World Series champions, The New York Yankees, the names that have already become their own single sentence that define the glory of this powerhouse team, are clearly A Rod - Jeter - Rivera. Individually three titans of the game who's places in the Baseball Hall of Fame have been written in stone for years. But together a convergence of greatness that most teams and their fans can only dream of experiencing.

Over the past several years, at the very top of the most requested subjects list, for Holland to revisit, has hands down been Derek Jeter and Alex (A Rod) Rodrigez. So it has long been Limelight's and Stephen's expectation that one day we would answer these mounting calls with new paintings and limited editions of these baseball icons. As the season of '09 unfolded, we could see the time for this had arrived, as A Rod, Jeter and now Rivera were on the road to claiming a new shining moment in New York Yankees history.

After their amazing world series win, Holland's plans to produce new works of each of them were "changed". As now, they had graduated into that world of names ever linked together. So to mark the glory of this amazing time in Yankees history, Stephen Holland has created a suite of fantastic paintings that capture these giants of the diamond, both as individual baseball hero's, and as three names that define a shining moment in the game.

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