Rock Photographer Robert Knight in the News

Grace Slick in the Malibu Arts Journal  

Interview with Rock Photography Icon Robert M. Knight

After photography, Knight indulges his passion for music by keeping his radar on and looking for new performers who are ready to break out into stardom, or who reach deep into the roots of American music and deliver sound blasts to shake us all up… (more)
Grace Slick in the Malibu Arts Journal  

Legendary Rock Photographer Robert Knight On Zeppelin, Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughan

Knight's career is as unusual as it is accomplished. The son of the chaplain of the Honolulu Police Department, rock music was largely forbidden fruit for him growing up. (more)
Grace Sick in Interview Magazine  

Legendary Rock N Roll Photographer Robert Knight now finds himself in the Spotlight

In San Francisco, Knight persuaded Jann Wenner, the young editor of an upstart publication called Rolling Stone, to hire him on as a photographer. (more)
Grace Slick in timeout Chicago  

Essence Of Rock

"I couldn't play, so what would be my access to this world? My camera," says photographer Robert M. Night, a 59-year-old chronicler of rock royalty. "I remember everything because I never did any drugs." (more)
Grace Slick in the Pioneer Local  

Knight Tales, of rock n Roll

Photographer Robert Knight has circled the earth, shooting exotic people and places for 35 years. So why at age 58 did he and his wife, Maryanne, suddenly decide to move to Las Vegas? The answer's not what you may thin. (more)
Justin BUA in Mixer Magazine  

Photographer clicks with rock stars

After Zeppelin became huge, Knight says, he was with the band during an infamous stay at Seattle's Edgewater hotel, overlooking Puget Sound. "I was at the Edgewater with them when they were destroying hotel rooms, throwing stuff into the water, catching sharks, all that nonsense. . . . (more)
Grace Slick in Cape Cod Times  

Man behind the photos of rock icons

"Jim Morrison was self-destructive" Knight said, "the drugs were whacking him out. He scared me. I shied away from shooting him." But Knight didn't hesitate to photograph other rock legends including the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Elton John, during a career that spanned 40 years, beginning in the '60s. (more)

Grace Slick in Cape Cod Times  

Rock and Roll through the lenses

or Hundreds of music fans who never met rock stars like Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones and Elton John, meeting Robert Knight was the next best thing. (more)
Grace Slick in the Boston Herald  

Behind the Lens: An Interview with Rock 'n' Roll Photographer Robert Knight

His resumé covers a vast territory. He's also managed the Yardbirds, helped develop the Guitar Center's Rockwalk, and recently met with John 5 and John Mayer for photo shoots. Simply put, he is one of the most highly sought after photographers in rock today. (more)
Grace Slck in the Washington Times  

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Grace Slick in the Washington Post  

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