Sold-out Limited editions by Everhart
Snoopy in Gang Star Dreams
Dogg E Paddle Series II, IXX, XXV
  Milky Way by Tom Evehart
Milky Way
  My Homie Ace by Tom Evehart
My Homie Ace
Motu Homies Suite
Chop Chop, Motu Homies by Tom Evehart
Chop Chop
  Snoop Dogg Motu Homies by Tom Evehart
Snoop Dogg
  The 645 To Bora by Tom Everhart The 645 To Bora   Twinkle Twinkle by Tom Everahrt
Twinkle Twinkle
Woodstock in Mr. Big Stuff Dreams
Performance Art
  Super Bad by Tom Everhart
Super Bad
  Tom Everharts Super fly staring Snoopy
Surfing With Franz And Willem



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