American Way MagazineThe Fine Art of Snoopy: "My dad said to him, 'You need to do your own thing,' " Craig Schulz recalls. "Dad loved his concept and his design. He wanted to make it Tom's work and encourage him to bring in his own direction (more)
Downtown Magazine NYCEverhart's Case: Artist Tom Everhart is on a mission to make the case that his friend Charles Schulz was self-aware artist of the highest degree. Here's an abbreviated version of his lecture. - See more at: (more)
Downtown Magazine NYCArtist's gives 'Peanuts' a different look: -I was scared the art world would turn on me. … I was afraid if they thought I was going to do a body of work based solely on one cartoon strip, they would, of course, think that's taboo (more)
Downtown Magazine NYCWorking for 'Peanuts' : "He looked at me and said, 'Did you do these?'" Everhart, 61, recounted. "And I said, 'Yes,' but then I got nervous and said, 'I did them in the last week really quickly.'" (more)
Downtown Magazine NYCOne-on-One With Artist Tom Everhart: It was my intention to construct this show built on confessions. Confessions of creative thinking and where it came from (more)
Downtown Magazine NYCthe insider: tom everhart: Let's be real, we're suckers for a Coolio/Clueless reference. But regardless of what drew us in, it's safe to say what was first a curiosity has turned into a full-fledged fascination. (more)
Downtown Magazine NYCQ&A With Everhart: “To see a fine artist in a cartoonist is very strange. When I met him I found a person that was a fine artist of cartoons.” (more)
Wall Street International Rollin With the Homies: Everhart painted alongside legendary Peanuts creator Charles Schulz and is the only fine artist educated by Schulz. In 1988, Schultz encouraged Everhart to carry forward his comic strip creations to the fine art form. (more)
Tom Everhart in Huffington PostSpin on Schulz:
Downtown Magazine NYCPeanuts Paean: "You can either face your emotions honestly or be scared to death of what the art world may think," he says of Schulz's trust and encouragement to balance the "Peanuts" characters within his own artistic direction (more)
Downtown Magazine NYCArtist brings Peanuts-inspired works to Denver: LaPedis said some have compared Everhart to Andy Warhol and called Everhart's visit to Denver a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He added that many will be flying in for the show. (more)
Dodger MagazinePeanuts In Oil: “Schulz told me I was committing suicide, recalls Everhart. Who lives in Venice, “he loved it, but he thought I was nuts.  I was scared to death at first as well, but he was supportive”. (more)
Dodger MagazinePeanuts Gallery: Peanuts certainly qualified as fun. But rather than approach the characters literally, he chose a style closer to expressionism. He plans to paint two dozen works altogether, including – good grief! (more)
Dodger MagazineMan About Town Tom Everhart: Everhart explodes into dervish of frenetic motion, cranking up Brahms’s Symphony No.4 to a deafening decibel and attacking the canvas. He whuumps it with a hardware-store paint roller, as if he were beating a rug; (more)
Dodger MagazineIt has Peanuts in the gallery: “I think they’re wonderful,” says Schulz speaking from his studio in Santa Rosa, Calif. (more)
Dodger MagazineArtist works for "Peanuts": “I think they’re wonderful,” says Schulz speaking from his studio in Santa Rosa, Calif. (more)
Dodger MagazineArtist works for "Peanuts" : “I think they’re wonderful,” says Schulz speaking from his studio in Santa Rosa, Calif. (more)

John Wayne Comanche TrackerBig Popa: Everhart walks through with a group of art dealers on the eve of his highly anticipated New York art opening in May. He was presenting, for the first time one of the key pieces: Big Poppa. (more)
John Wayne Comanche TrackerTODAY Show: Tom Everhart interviewed on NBC's TODAY show by Jamie Gangel. This was a major production involving two full days of shooting on both coasts. (more)
John Wayne Comanche TrackerHomie Dreams: From his studio, Tom Everhart speakes about Homie Dreams. A seriers of paintings that celebrate the people who inspired his own dreams. (more)
John Wayne Comanche TrackerSuperfly: Tom speaks from his Venice stuido about the creaion of his series of paintings and prints Superfly. A body of work isspired by a favorite painting by Schulz, Tom's life in Tahiti and his wife Jennifer (more)
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John Wayne Comanche TrackerChannel 9 News Denver: While in Denver for the opneing of his exhibit at Fascintion Street Fine Art, Tom stops by NBC Denver to speak about his art (more)
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