Opening Night

I've Got Ants In My Pants by Tom Everhart. Snoopy on his back, Kicking lets up, on dance floor with lights.

Opening Night

Without a doubt, opening nights are very special moments in time. These special moments can leave us enlightened, surprised, and receptive to being perceptive to a whole new way of feeling and seeing. And the varieties are endless, from Broadway to restaurants, cinemas to concerts, and museums to galleries. These times of people coming together, in conversation and observation, are for the most part witnessed in stolen moments of photography, but never usually in a painting, which could give a moment.

In the day before flying to my most recent New York gallery opening, I was unexpectedly surprised with a tooth extraction, root canal, and implant. Yes, all in one day. I was instructed not to smile or talk for the next couple of days. Well that's completely impossible and absurd considering that for the next couple of days you are face to face with new kind faces alongside of close friends, and long lost friends and collectors, and a very handsome gallery. One would immediately assume, painkillers and ice saved the day. I truly believe it was the inspiration of the special moment.

But, my most special opening night was the one that opened my eyes and mind to a new way of seeing line standing alone as more of a painting. I'm of course referring to the late dark night in my studio, shortly before meeting my friend, Sparky, (Charles M Schulz), when I first projected one of his small black and white drawings on to my very studio large wall. It indeed was the shock and awe of learning and influence. It was the opening night of my life that would have the lasting affect of a lifetime of special moments.

– Tom Everhart