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Devil in Focus Keith Richards Sebastian Kruger  

Sebastian Kruger Paints His Good Friend Slash

Kruger from this close perspective has captured the playful warmth and humor that is at the core of this guitar slinging rock icon. (more)
Devil in Focus Keith Richards Sebastian Kruger  

Sebastian Kruger's Brush Puts The Devil In Focus

Like a moth that is drawn to the flame, unable to fight the deadly attraction that seizes It's will. Or the trance of desire that pulls one into a dangerous lover's bed. (more)
Kind of Blues by Sebastian Kruger  

Kruger Paints The Blues

Finally the time has arrived that Kruger followers have been eagerly awaiting. Sebastian Kruger's blues legends suite "Kind Of Blues" is now available for collecting. (more)
Woodstock Grace Slick  

All Work And No Play Makes...

There are times in which an artist and his subject are perfectly matched. Warhol seemed to be born to capture Monroe, Picasso capturing his bull and Matador and without a doubt we have to add, Sebastian Kruger painting Jack Nicholson. (more)
Woodstock Grace Slick  

Keith Richards The Human Riff by Sebastian Kruger

It is this same common truth shared by both Kruger and Richards that makes their bond as both friends and muse to the artist so clearly understandable to all who admire the music and the paintings. (more)
Woodstock Grace Slick  

Sebastian Kruger Kruger Takes Us Through The Stones Way-way-back Machine to Find Young Keith Richards

Artist often choose to dedicate part of their career to being a master of one subject. Sometimes places, or even themes. And this is the case for Kruger... (more)
Woodstock Grace Slick  

Kruger paints the tale of Mick and the Wasp

The painting was an obvious master work. Both in its amazing technique and its entrancing draw. It is a perfect example of Kruger's gift, to lull the viewer with his intense cocktail of wit, darkness and mystery. (more)
Woodstock Grace Slick  

Kruger Presents The Guitarists

Practicing on stage and in the studio for thirty plus years, with what Keith and Ronnie refer to as their "Ancient Form of Weaving", they have conjured a musical force that is incomparable to anything that has been heard before or that is likely to be heard again. (more)
Woodstock Grace Slick  

Kruger Paints The Pebles Before They Were The Stones

But none of us could have ever predicted this latest work, "10x10". Sebastian's latest work is his outrageous follow up to "40x40", portraying the "boys" at age 10. (more)
Clint Eastwood the Good by Sebastian Kruger  

Sebastian Kruger, draws for his brush

Sebastian Kruger's subjects at times transend "pop icon", as they are the very archetype. This is such the case with Krugers latest subject Clint Eastwood. (more)
Jimi Hendrix by Sebastian Kruger  

Experience Kruger's Hendrix

And along with the considerable praise the fans consistently asked over and over again, "When can I get a print of the Hendrix!?" (more)
Woodstock Grace Slick  

Jimi Hendrix and The White Rabbit

To try to capture the experience of a force such as Jagger taking to the stage in a painting, is a feat best left to only one artist. Sebastian Kruger. (more)


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