Gennady Golovikin GGG painted by Stephen Holland Holland Paints The Undefeated Champ, Gennady Golovkin:
Along with the expected announcements from representatives of both boxers, Golovkin’s manager Tom Loeffler introduced a familiar face to the gathered press and fans – famed sports and celebrity artist Stephen Holland. Holland was asked to join the afternoon events to unveil his newest painting – a portrait of Gennady Golovkin himself. (more)
  Angels present David Ortiz with Stephen Holland original Angels present David Ortiz with Stephen Holland painting:
Receiving a Stephen Holland painting as a retirement gift is without a doubt a very special gesture. But it is not an unusual one. This too, in recent years has taken shape as it’s own tradition in baseball (and other sports as well). (more)
  Sylvestor Stallone Rocky painted by Stephen Holland Holland; The artist of ROCKY. signed limited edition by Stallone:
It's that special ability that has brought Holland the opportunity to paint one iconoclast after another. Just in the world of boxing alone Holland has been asked to paint just about every major name in the history of the sport; Tyson, Leonard, De La Hoya, Chávez, Klitschko, Marciano, Frazier, and of course Muhammad Ali (just to name a few).(more)
  Peyton Manning painted by Stephen Holland Holland Paints Sports Illustrated's Sportsman Of The Year Peyton Manning. And, the art critics proclaim "Holland gets it.":
  Angels present Rivera with Holland painting Angels present Rivera With A Painting by Stephen Holland:
What do you buy for the ballplayer that has it all? In the case of Mariano Rivera, the Los Angeles Angels felt the only and best choice would be his own painting by Stephen Holland. (more)
  Stephen Holland paints Boom Boom Mancini Boom Boom Mancini:
Holland paints His Friend Ray

Recently, Holland and Mancini came together to celebrate the relaunch of a very good friend's gallery in Woodland Hills, California: Gallery 319. In front of a packed crowd at the gallery's grand re-opening, they jointly unveiled Holland's just-completed painting of Boom Boom. (more)
  Sandy Koufax perfect Game by Stephen Holland Hero's of The Mound pt 1:
Holland paints Sandy Koufax

Stephen has known Sandy Koufax for decades now, and over those many years he's created some very famous paintings of this giant of the game. Each has sold out instantly, each has skyrocketed and each has become a classic in sports art history. And there is little mystery why. (more)
  Fernando Valenzuela by Stephen Holland Hero's of The Mound pt 2:
Holland paints Fernando Valenzuela

If you lived in LA during the 80's, you were in the midst of "Fernando-Mania." In 1980 an unknown, 20 year old Mexican National, was brought up from the minors to play in the last month of the season. And in that short time he held the teams own in a drawn-out neck and neck battle for the division championship. (more)
  John Wayne Comanche Tracker painted by Stephen Holland The Artist of American Legends:
Stephen Holland Paints John Wayne

Holland knew that this painting in particular would end up being a stand out, as he chose to use the inspiration of one of his favorite John Wayne movies. Little did he know how much this was going to drive his artistic passion, until he dove deeper. (more)
  Stephen Holland painting of Ernest Hemingway The Artist of Literary Giants:
Stephen Holland Paints Ernest Hemingway

With such a perfect subject Stephen Holland was clearly inspired to create an amazing representation that evokes a pure visceral experience of a personality that was bigger then the body that held it, and a life far larger than the limits of it's own mortality. But in one painting, Holland has somehow captured Hemingway. (more)
  Derek Jeter with painter Stephen Holland Stephen Holland Chosen to Commemorate Derek Jeter's 3,000th
The choice of Holland to create the painting is without a doubt a great honor, it was a clear one as well. For years the connection between the New York Yankees and Holland has been an exceptionally strong one. He has painted most every great in history to wear the blue pin-stripes. His gallery shows in New York are typically attended by Yankee legends like Yogi Berra and Don ("Perfect Game") Larsen. (more)
  Stephe Holland painter of Hockey Stephen Holland Is The Artist of Hockey
In 2009 the two-time Stanley Cup winning team reached out to Holland, in the hopes that he would become their official artist. In the time since then, Stephen has captured in a dozen painted works (so far) their biggest stars. These paintings have been unveiled on the ice, used to commemorate the retirement of numbers, become limited edition prints and posters for the fans, displayed in the arena and the fine art prints are in the players and owners own collections. (more)
  Stephen Holland paints the Rebel Stephen Holland Is The Rebel Artist
Like James Dean's leather jacket or Fonda's red, white and blue helmet in Easy Rider, the motorcycle is an outward pronouncement of the need in some of us to color outside the lines, far outside, to not settle for what worked yesterday, hunger for more, and even more, to rebel against all that is just good enough, or just rebel. (more)
  John Travolta painted by Stephen Holland The Artist of John Travolta
From a hit-man for the mob to a cigarette smoking angel, Travolta has breathed life into an amazing list of roles, that have become legends of film history. His instinctive talents that allow him to take words on the page and create dimensional charactors is almost alchemy. A talent, not too different from Holland's own brand of magic. (more)
  Albert Einstine painted by Stephen Holland Stephen Holland Is The Artist of Genius
One by one Holland has captured the most notable of these iconoclasts. All of them have etched their mark deep into the walls of society. But some, an even rarer few, have moved those walls, and changed the course of history. Even more amazing, these few, most typically have done this with their intellect alone. (more)
  Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid painted by Stephen Holland The Artist of The Western: Holland paints Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
"No kid on my block had more cowboy pistols than me. When the radio was on, it was the Lone Ranger, when we went to the movies it was Gregory Peck on the screen in a ten gallon hat, and when it was raining outside, the hallway of my apartment house echoed with the sound of cap gun fire. Every kid, including me, wanted to be a cowboy..." (more)
  Stephen Holland the artist of NASCAR paints NASCAR Now Has Their Official Artists
"After six decades of thrilling tens of millions, NASCAR joined the club of all major sports by constructing it's own prestigious hall of fame. And with this milestone, NASCAR announced that it tapped famed artist Stephen Holland to paint their inaugural class of inductees. (more)
  Stephen Holland official artist of MLB fanfest Official Artist of The All Star Fan Fest
During Major League baseball's All Star Game celebration this summer, Stephen Holland was honored as the Fan Fests official artist. In this massive convention that is visited by tens of thousands of baseball's most devoted fans, who make this annual pilgrimage, Stephen took center stage in the midst of baseballs biggest gathering. From that stage the sea of fans experienced a rare treat. (more)
  Stephen Holland paints Kirk Gibson of the Dodgers Holland Paints Baseball Legend Kirk Gibson
The job of sports artist Stephen Holland is sometimes a hard one. He's challenged to capture a single moment, one frame in history's movie reel that perfectly tells the story of a player. Typically to see the greatness that makes a sports champion, you need to look at a season, a few years, or often a whole career. (more)
  Stephe Holland paints Rivera, Arod and Jeter as the Yanke Triple Threat The Yankees Triple Threat Suite
Over the past several years, at the very top of the most requested subjects list, for Holland to revisit, has hands down been Derek Jeter and Alex (A Rod) Rodrigez. So it has long been Limelight's and Stephen's expectation that one day we would answer these mounting calls with new paintings and limited editions of these baseball icons. (more)
  Stephen Holland painter of Muhammad Ali Holland Is The Artist of Muhammad Ali
Over the past several years, at the very top of the most requested subjects list, for Holland to revisit, has hands down been Derek Jeter and Alex (A Rod) Rodrigez. So it has long been Limelight's and Stephen's expectation that one day we would answer these mounting calls with new paintings and limited editions of these baseball icons. (more)
  Sephen Holland painting on the ice Where There Is Action There Is Holland
In the short time of just the past week, all of us at SPS Limelight Agency, have been once again reminded how much the art of Stephen Holland has become part of the everyday world of professional sports and celebrity. From ABC's 60 Minutes showing Holland's paintings of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig during their lead story on celebrity estate agent Mark Rosler, to NBC focusing on Holland's painting of Joe Namath during Sunday Night Football. (more)
  Manny Ramirez painted by Stephen Holland Holland Paints Manny Ramirez
Winning the World Series may be a distant memory for those of us who bleed blue, but not for Manny Ramirez, who already holds two championship rings. But for the Dodgers, this is the first time in 20 years that they the find themselves on a determined path to the Playoffs. Leading that charge is their team mate of just two seasons, Manny. (more)
  Randy Couture painted by Stephen Holland The Painter of Champions
Holland has, for years, taken a major part in sports history by capturing the biggest names in the defining moments of their prime. Woods, Jordan, Koufax, Namath, Pele, Federer, Gretzky and a famous two decade relationship as both friend and official painter to Muhammad Ali. Now joining the prestigious list, Stephen Holland has added the only five time Ultimate Fighting Champion, Randy Couture, to his list of legends. (more)
  Rachel Robinson interviewed in front of Holland painting of Jackie Robinson Where There Is Sports History, There Is Holland
We wanted to share with you another great example of how much a part of the sports landscape the art of Stephen Holland has become. It was during an interview on ESPN with Rachel Robinson, widow of Jackie Robinson, where we saw yet another great example of this. (more)
  Stephen Holland painter of the Grammys Stephen Holland Artist of The GRAMMYs ®
Yes, at nothing less then this years fiftieth anniversary celebration the GRAMMY® Awards have chosen to announce their designation of Stephen Holland as Official Artist of The GRAMMY® Charities.(more)
  Mickey Mantle painted by Stephen Holland Holland Paints Mickey Mantle
Stephen Holland over the years has painted all the greats of the diamond who performed super human feats inside the same stadium of all stadiums, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, Yogi Berra, just to name a few of baseball's gods, who displayed the best of their gifts in this legendary park. (more)
  Tom Seaver by Stephen Holland Tom Seaver
Holland in his painting of Tom Seaver (also signed by Seaver), has captured the two key elements that tells this classic Cinderella story. He's first captured Seaver in his prime with that famous fastball grip. (more)
  Don Drysdale painted by Stephen Holland The "Big D" Painted By The "Big H"
Stephen Holland, as the official artist of the Dodgers 50th year in LA, began this historic season with a bang, by painting the Dodgers own Jackie Robinson, released at the time that all of baseball celebrated Jackie Robinson Day. (more)
  Jackie Robinson by Stephen Holland Holland Paints Jackie Robinson
It was clear to Holland that if he was to paint a series of paintings covering the highlights of the Dodgers it would have to begin here, with Jackie Robinson, the story that defines their heart. (more)
  Rocky Marciano painted by Stephen Holland Painting the Rock From Brockton
Rocky Marciano

Stephen Holland is well known as the top selling artist of sports. But if you were to pull up a stool in his Santa Barbara studio and ask him what it is he actually paints so amazingly well, he'd probably say, "I paint tough guys". (more)
  Stephen Holland paints Evel Knievel Holland Pays Tribute to Evel Knievel
On the day that the original painting and limited editions were signed, Evel felt so strongly about the work, he considered it something of great importance (as did his family) and expressed deep disappointment that the original was not going to stay. In consolation,he kept several prints for himself and family. (more)
  Roger Federer painted by Stephen Holland Stephen Holland Serves Roger Federer
Once again Stephen Holland has continued in his tradition of painting the best of the best. In recent months we have seen amazing works of Tiger Woods, Yogi Berra, Brando, and soon Kobe. And in the world of tennis to paint the best in the 21st century, means only one person Roger Federer. (more)
  Los Angeles Dodgers Holland Named Official Artist By the Los Angeles Dodgers For Their 50th
Dodgers to celebrate 50 years in Los Angeles Golden Anniversary celebration includes a Rose Parade float, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, commissioned artwork from Stephen Holland, and Dodgers from every decade (more)
  Tiger Woods painted by Stephen Holland Stephen Holland Celebrates Tiger Woods Amazing 13 Major Cups
Now, the perfect time has come. In honor of Woods recent feat of 13 Majors*, Stephen Holland is joining the celebration by releasing this long awaited signed limited edition of the greatest golfer of a generation. (more)
  Yogi Bera painted by artist Stephen Holland Yogi
Yogi was the guy behind the plate, that a future world famous sports painter would see once he and his chums successfully snuck into the park on hot summer afternoons in Stephen's home town, (Bronx - New York.) (more)
  Sandy Koufax painted by Dodgers official artist Stephen Holland Koufax - The Stare, By Stephen Holland
Stephen Holland has often said he does not paint the spectacle of the sport, nor the "stars" who play them. What he does paint are amazing real people, who posses passions, skills and relentless devotion. With such focus and conviction, they are able to perform what otherwise may seem impossible feats. (more)
  Marlin Brando painted by Stephen Holland Holland's Brando
Koufax, McQueen, Ali, Bogart, Namath. If there is one thing Stephen Holland paints like no other artist, it's "tough guys". In his own way Marlon Brando has painted the same theme onto the canvas of the sliver screen. One "tough guy" archetype after another. (more)