Dodger Artist Stephen Holland
Paints a Blue Streak
for the 2015 Season

This year the devoted fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers will spend the whole season with the art of Stephen Holland literally in their hands. As Holland has been selected to be the cover artists for both the Dodgers’ 2015 Yearbook and Media Guide.

This honor represents perfectly the long relationship the LA Dodgers has shared with the world's leading artist of sports and celebrity. Over the years, Holland has worked closely with the team and the players. His paintings (Koufax, Robinson, Gibson, Valenzuela, and Vin Scully just to name a few) have been featured throughout the stadium, including on the scoreboard and program covers. On the occasion of their 50th anniversary in Los Angeles, the team declared Holland their official artist.

The list of sports icons, teams and even leagues that Holland has worked with leaves out very few names. Collectively, but not exclusively, it’s this resume that has defined Holland as the world’s first name in sports art. But when it comes to the special relationship Holland shares with the Boys In Blue and their devoted fans, it’s about something else entirely.