Stephen Holland Sports Artist of the year

30 November 1993

American Sport Art Museum and Archives
A Division of the United States Sports Academy

Thomas P. Rosandich, Ph D.

Dear Mr. Holland:

On behalf of the Selection Committee of the American Sport Art Museum and Archives Advisory Board and the Board of Trustees of the United States Sports Academy, I am writing to officially advise you that you have been unanimously selected Sport Artist of the Year for 1993.

We would be honored to have you here as our guest at Noon on Thursday, 20 January 1994, to receive both your award and The Order of the Eagle Exemplar at the Mobile Convention Center. Our new Convention Center ballroom seats 1,000 people, and the program will be televised. Of additional interest, this event will be held during Senior Bowl week when top football talent is gathered here along with more than 500 professional coaches.

You are also invited to my home on the evening of 20 January for a reception followed by an art show featuring your works.

At your earliest convenience we need to have your acceptance of this Award and to know about your availability to attend this event so our Awards Committee can work out travel plans and hotel arrangements. We also need a photograph, your resume, and any specific materials that relate to your sport art background. Last, but not least, we would like to receive any videotape that you might have that you would wish to be shown during the program and on television.

Again, my most sincere congratulations on your selection. We are looking forward to having you here in our beautiful city.


Stephen Holland Artist of the Year
Thomas P. Rosandich, Ph D.