Holland Paints The Champions

Randy Couture by Stephen Holland
Sports and Celebrity Artist Stephen Holland Paints Mixed Martial Arts Five Time Champion "The Natural" Randy Couture.

For fight fans or even observers of cultural phenomena, this conjures memories from a generation ago, when a definitive star rose in the boxing world, Muhammad Ali. It was during fights like Ali vs Frazier where all could sense it in the air that they were witnessing the sport transcend to a new peak and that they were watching the "greatest" bring them there. They're coming from the skies in their G5's, rolling down the strip in their stretch Escalade's. The "players" are out tonight. Wearing runway fashion and blinding bling, they cascade into this latter-day coliseum by the thousands to witness the reigning champ of the fastest growing sport of our time. They train their eyes on the cage in the center, as a million more fans pay a premium of $50 just to peak in from their homes around the world. They have all come to see the man that has defined for them, and many more to come, Mixed Martial Arts, Randy "The Natural", "Captain America" Couture.

signed by Randy Couture
27.5"x43" Hand Enhanced giclee on canvas
Edition 99 / AP 25 / PP 25 / HC 10
It is no coincidence that Randy Couture has joined the list of greats painted by Stephen Holland. Holland has, for years, taken a major part in sports history by capturing the biggest names in the defining moments of their prime. Woods, Jordan, Koufax, Namath, Pele, Federer, Gretzky and a famous two decade relationship as both friend and official painter to Muhammad Ali. And now joining the prestigious list, Stephen Holland has added the only five time Ultimate Fighting Champion, Randy Couture, to his list of legends.

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