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Daniel Crosby   Daniel Crosby Starting in the art business in 1984 as a gallery aid in NYC, Daniel Crosby worked his way through the ranks of a number of galleries to eventually become the Director of Retail for the premiere gallery chain in the United States (40 retail galleries locations,
annual sales $50 million+). Along the way, Mr. Crosby has dealt with, represented and published some of the world's most recognizable artists; from Andy Warhol and Keith Haring to Hiro Yamagata and Mark Kostabi.
In 1997, after seeing to the successful sale and transition of the company, Mr. Crosby teamed up with Harlan Werner to form SPS Art. As a subsidiary of SPS (Sports Placement Services - representing such athletes as Muhammad Ali, Sandy Koufax, Joe Namath and John Riggins), SPS Art would successfully represent artists painting in the theme of celebrity and sports. Most notably, the preeminent sports artist, Stephen Holland.
What developed was a thriving business that continues to represent athletes as well as artists. SPS's Limelight Agency was developed to cater to the ever increasing demand for the distribution of celebrity themed fine art. In addition to representing Stephen Holland, the company also has exclusive representation agreements with Ronnie Wood (artist and Rock and Roll guitarist - The Rolling Stones, The Faces), Opie Otterstad, Sebastian Kruger, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and Grace Slick (artist and Rock and Roll vocalist - Jefferson Airplane, Starship).
Daniel Crosby, is also a principal in the gallery chain "The Art of the Game". These galleries are primarily located in sporting venues in Southern California (Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium, Staples Center) and allow SPS Limelight Agency wonderful test marketing opportunities for its projects in development. As well as allowing the company, and its principals, to keep in touch with the demands, challenges and opportunities of the ever changing art market.
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